Honey-Doers Enters the Blogosphere

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1. n.
making an entry into a weblog or blog = online diary. : When John said he was busy blogging, Sally said he should get a life!

If you were to substitute ‘Sally’ for ‘Adam’, that would describe my exact approach to the blogging world. If it were to specify that ‘John’ was blogging about his remodeling and home maintenance company, my hopes would be for ‘Sally’ to inform John of some psychiatric treatment facilities. I realize that may have been an exaggerated example but the equation Honey-Doers + Blog = Good for Business, felt as practical as Leaking Pipes + Duct Tape = Problem Solved.

Fast forward to January 2010 and Honey-Doers finds itself staking claim on it’s piece of social media land (kind of reminds me of the Land Run scene from ‘Far and Away‘). While you can read about current happenings through our blog you can also (shameless plug) become a “Fan” of Honey-Doers on facebook. Like trying to determine if Favre will return with the Vikings, I’m not even going to provide thought to the idea of Twitter. All jokes aside, it was time for Honey-Doers to expand into the social media outlets that connect millions of people and consumers worldwide.

The purpose I seek in establishing our company within the “blogosphere” and other various outlets is to allow our customers and, God-willing, future customers to have a glimpse of who we are. Personalization and accessibility are a vital aspect in today’s business world and can be applied to businesses within both the product and service industries. What better way to achieve that with consumers than providing another avenue to learn and, ideally, build stronger and more trusting relationships. Our hope is that through this we can provide current events pertaining to our company, as well as fun and informative dialogue concerning trends, tips and advice within the remodeling/home improvement industry.