Your Basement Can Be Bright and Beautiful

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Do you feel as though your family might be outgrowing your current home? Looking for ways to add extra space for a children’s playroom, teenager’s bedroom, or even a home theater? You don’t need to move —   you’re standing over a gold mine of square footage! Basement finishing offers plenty of extra space that can be designed exactly to your specifications. However, one frequently overlooked element in finished basements is natural lighting. Consider these tips from the home-remodeling experts at Honey-Doers Remodeling of Lakeville.

Go Open Concept
During the design process, you may want to look at creating an open-concept basement where light can fill the whole space. Select wall colors that are light and bright to reflect the light. Basement ceilings often feel low, so steer clear from painting them in dark colors that may feel oppressive.

Window Treatments
Choose window coverings that allow natural light to filter in. There are some excellent privacy shades and blinds on the market that allow light to pass through but prevent curious passersby from seeing in.
Reflect natural light around the room by strategically placing a large mirror across from the window. You can also hang large artwork, particularly bright landscapes, that can give the impression of having a window looking out.

You’ll see the Light
Finally, most basements simply lack large windows that would offer plenty of natural light. In addition to following these suggestions, it’s important to work with a designer who can create a properly designed lighting plan that will help illuminate even the darkest corners of your basement.

From basement finishing to kitchen and bath remodeling, the team at Honey-Doers Remodeling Company will work with you to design and build the perfect space for your family. Contact us today at (952) 985-5383 to schedule a home-design consultation in Lakeville and the surrounding areas.

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