Popular Kitchen Remodel Trends 2022

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With work-from-home opportunities on the rise, the last few years have given homeowners the opportunity to reevaluate their living spaces and optimize them for added beauty and functionality. As a result, home remodel style trends for 2022 are more eclectic than ever.

Honey-Doers is a Minnesota home remodel company with decades of experience working step-by-step with homeowners to achieve the best possible remodel for their property. In this post, we’ll cover some of the most significant kitchen remodel trends in today’s construction world.

A Retro-Inspired Kitchen Renovation

A classic choice for homeowners with the nostalgia bug, the retro-inspired kitchen renovation can deliver the visual appeal of simplicity with the practical solutions provided by modern engineering. In other words, you can mix antique-style fixtures and back-to-the-50s aesthetics with today’s best technology for home cooking and convenience.

Did you know there are companies out there that actually specialize in providing antique (or otherwise antique-inspired) hardware? Everything from your faucet to your window lock can be customized to match your visual preferences.

The Natural, Rustic Appeal

Natural elements can bring out the best of a space, especially with good lighting, which is why homeowners are incorporating them into their kitchens. You could install some wood finish flooring (vinyl or true wood), bring natural stone in for a backsplash accent, and open up the kitchen to some natural light for a full effect. Of course, you don’t have to stop there. Your cabinets, furniture, and drawers also present an opportunity for achieving the best this rustic design has to offer.

Creative Ideas for Kitchen Island Remodels

These days, island counters in kitchen remodels are being utilized for multi-functional purposes. For homeowners without an office, this counter can double as a desk with added drawers. Others can approach the island counter as a complement to their cooking stations, installing an additional stovetop. Whatever the change brings, the island should be an appealing focal point of the kitchen, not a sore spot that gets in the way.

Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplashes

Lately, a lot of homeowners are also choosing to finish their kitchen backsplashes with gloss. Part of the reason for this design choice is that glazed tiles are easier to clean. But on the visual level, they help reflect light and brighten up the room. Other fun backsplash options include granite veneer, repurposed barn wood, and elegant wallpaper.

Fresh Lighting & Open Concepts

Creating an open concept kitchen is something we’re no stranger to. This common approach is a homeowner’s favorite, as it provides more natural lighting and a generally welcoming atmosphere. Oftentimes this may include the removal of a non-load-bearing wall. But once the work’s been done, you’ll be glad you asked for it.

Blending Appliances With Cabinetry  

One common choice in 2022 that spans multiple design styles for its convenience and visual modularity: blending appliances with cabinetry. That includes more than just the refrigerator and freezer. Homeowners can also remodel their kitchens to blend their dishwashers and garbage and recycling vessels, as well as other utilities within reason.

Why is this such a popular design option? Appliances, even modern ones, have a way of sticking out among kitchen designs – for better or for worse. An updated kitchen design may outlast the appliances themselves. So, incorporating them into the design sets the room up for success in the long run.

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Honey-Doers provides Minnesota homeowners with a variety of remodeling services. Looking to give your kitchen the facelift it needs to bring it into 2022? Some of our work has included complete cabinet replacement, wall removal, counter replacement, small kitchen remodels, window installation, and much more.

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