How to Build a Deck to Withstand All Four Seasons

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Between the beating summer sun and icy winters, every season brings its challenges for homeowners. Extreme weather throughout the year can cause premature degradation of structural and cosmetic materials. That includes home siding, windows, foundations, and decks. 

At Honey-Doers, we provide home remodeling services for a wide range of homeowner needs, including exterior repairs and renovations. This post will highlight the ways you can plan a deck build for optimal year-round integrity. Read on for more information. 

Invest in the Best Material for Your Deck

Your deck is only as good as the material you use. That’s not to say that there are bad choices out there. But, especially as it relates to year-round protection, you’ll want decking material that’s up for the challenge. 


Wood decks bring a natural appeal to your property that can be difficult to achieve with other materials. They are also cheaper to build. However, wood is more susceptible to fading from elements like sun exposure and requires a bit more year-round maintenance. 

Note: Treated wood will provide better moisture resistance than standard wood. Though, it’s not known for being environmentally friendly. 


For many homeowners, building a composite deck can be a good way to split the difference between long-lasting, more expensive materials and the aesthetic appeal provided by wood. Composite is also known for requiring less upkeep. 

Anodized Aluminum

Aluminum decks are easy to clean, made of recyclable material, and will typically last much longer than wood or composite. However, some homeowners may find it more difficult to achieve the visual appeal provided by wood or composite. 


A great option for year-round protection, fiberglass is resistant to water and rot. It also won’t expand or contract like metals under extreme temperatures. It can be a bit more expensive than other options but many homeowners may find the benefits outweigh the cost.

Quality Coating & Sealer for Four-Season Deck Protection 

You’ll have different levels of wood deck protection and visual appeal depending on your choice of sealer or coating. Deck stains, for example, can alter the tone of your deck in much the same way paint will. But, unlike paint, stain penetrates the wood fibers and leaves a beautiful natural appeal.  

If you’re concerned about year-round protection, a quality deck sealer will provide your deck with a water seal that serves to boost the longevity of your deck. This is because good deck sealers include chemicals that eliminate fungal spores resulting from damp climates.

So make sure you consider all your options, and consult your contractor on the matter, before moving forward with your deck build.

Property Drainage & Deck Architecture 

It’s easy to look forward to the visual appeal of a new deck, especially one with a unique design and quality finish. That said, the architecture of the deck and its surrounding elements will do just as much–if not more–to protect the deck year-round as the sealer you use.

How so? Well, first consider drainage. Your deck will need to complement your drainage systems. Winter and spring can introduce a lot of potentially damaging water to your deck. A new or updated deck–no matter how aesthetically appealing–won’t last nearly as long if it isn’t built to withstand year-round water drainage. 

Ask yourself: Is it possible that this deck design results in pools of water? Or, what may be worse, will it hinder your property’s ability to keep water away from the foundation?

Then there’s the deck’s foundation itself. A quality pier and footing design for your deck will ensure year-round structural integrity, especially when seasons of extreme weather hit. Your deck building contractor should know the best approach to your deck’s foundation once they’ve had a chance to evaluate the property and project goals. 

The Best Deck Design for Your Home

At Honey-Doers, we provide Minnesota homeowners with expert deck builds designed for beauty and long-term functionality. We also offer interior residential remodeling services like kitchen and bathroom renovations. 

Learn more about our services by giving us a call or connecting with us online to get your free deck building estimate today.