Best Deck Designs for Your Home

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Warm days surrounded by friends and family with a cold drink and the aroma of grilled food. The glow of decorative lights and Tiki torches. Yard games and the crackle bonfires. A quality deck on your property does more than provide curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Your deck should elevate your home’s outdoor experience. That is if it’s complemented with the right design.

There are a lot of reasons to update or build a deck, but finding the design that fits your property can be a challenge. At Honey-Doers, we’re experienced Minnesota deck builders with over 24 years in the home remodeling business. We’ve written this post to help you find the right deck design for your property.

Deck Designs for Gardening

A dynamic deck design that includes gardening support is a dream for homeowners with a green thumb. This may include deck materials that wrap completely around plots, incorporating plants directly into the design. Or, it may include decking built alongside gardens to give them an aesthetically pleasing backdrop and easy access.

Multi-Level Decks

More levels mean more functionality. We’ve seen decks with a casual atmosphere on one level and a complete grill station on the other. Other ways to take advantage of a multi-level deck design include children’s play areas, built-in pools, and a full bar.

Classic Wrap-Around

Similar to the multi-level function, a wrap-around deck can serve homeowners in several ways. Plus, when designed properly, they can be a stunning addition to your property. Not only that, but it provides extra viewpoints – which is especially appealing to owners with a lot of land.

Decks With Flair

Some decks are built to give a bit of extra luxury to a home. Some decks simply give you a place to hang out and rest. And some decks are the centerpiece of the property’s exterior. These are the decks with flair. They may include built-in features like:

  • Pergolas
  • Raised fire pits and tempered glass fire pits
  • Bars
  • Outdoor sound system placeholders
  • Furniture
  • Storage
  • Outlets and charging stations

Whatever your feature, think of your deck as more than a deck but as an outdoor renovation that supports your home’s value and provides opportunities for good memories. 

Ground Level Decks

A deck style that’s popular for many reasons, budget included, is the ground-level deck. These are the perfect blend of subtle and functional and provide opportunities for design with other features like outdoor lighting and gardens. If you’re looking for a simple place to relax on patio furniture, you can’t go wrong with a ground-level deck.

Best Pool Deck Designs 

Depending on your pool’s size and shape, you can take a few different approaches to your pool deck design.

In-Ground Pool Designs

Decks built around above-ground pools provide the convenience of an in-ground pool to property owners. This will include steps and ramps where necessary, as well as railings for safety and accessibility. These features also make for efficient cleaning at the end of the day.

Above-Ground Pool Designs

For in-ground pools, an intentional deck design will turn an everyday pool into a dynamic pool experience with aesthetically pleasing elements. Some pool owners prefer stone decks and patios for their water-resistant nature. That said, most deck materials are built to withstand the elements.  

Storage and Outdoor Furniture

You’ll also want to consider incorporating storage and outdoor furniture into your pool deck design. A built-in bench, for example, may serve to hold pool toys while providing extra seating.

What’s the best material for my new deck?  

The best material for your deck will exist in that perfect balance of budget and needs. You may want to ask yourself what function your deck will serve. As we’ve mentioned in this post, for example, stone decks and materials that are especially water-resistant are best for pools.

Typical deck materials include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Anodized aluminum

Some materials are more expensive than others, and some last longer than others as you’ll see below.

What is the cheapest deck material?

The most affordable deck materials are typically variations of wood material, depending on the current costs of lumber. The most economic option would probably be pressure-treated wood, which is built with chemicals that help prevent premature decay and rot.

What’s the longest-lasting deck material?

For a deck that will last well more than a decade, you’ll want to consider composite or fiberglass. Composite decking can last up to 30 years. Aluminum will also last a long time, though it doesn’t provide much visual appeal. Wooden decks, though beautiful, may only last at most 15 years.

A Minneapolis Home Remodeling Company With Decades of Experience

At Honey-Doers, our team of home addition contractors will evaluate your property and determine the best course of action for your deck. For nearly 25 years, our family-owned company has worked with property owners in developing home remodel projects that fit both their budget and their vision.  

So, whether you’re looking for a new deck or an interior home renovation, our Minneapolis home contractors have the resources and knowledge to deliver it. Reach out online or call us to start your free estimate.