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We are an experienced, locally owned and operated roofing company and are happy to help you determine if your roof can do with a repair or a whole replacement is in order. All of Honey-Doers’ contractors are lead certified, fully insured, and manufacturer certified. Don’t forget our A+ BBB Rating. We have a 5 Star rating on Google, and are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. We have been in business in Lakewood, MN for over 25 years. Just call us to schedule a free inspection, and if your roof needs to be replaced we will provide you with a free estimate.


Finding the best contractor for your roof installation requires some research. We’ve got all the credentials, certifications, and accreditations to ensure that your roof is done right the first time.  In addition, we are happy to provide you with direct references so you can hear first hand from our customers about their experiences with us. Feel free to ask if anything went wrong. That’s the test of a roofing contractor. How problems are solved. 


We take pride in our communication and customer service. If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, and need roof repair, we provide a free inspection, and only if your roof is damaged, a free estimate. The roofing installation lead will walk you through every step of the process, and communicate any changes that come up as soon as possible. Homeowners don’t like surprises, and we don’t provide any. 


When you receive an estimate, every dollar is clearly accounted for and clearly visible to you. We know how important it is to understand exactly what you are paying for, even when the insurance company is covering it. If you are looking for up-front, transparent pricing, Call us at 952-985-5383 or contact us online for your free roof inspection. And please feel free to get multiple estimates from roofing companies in the Minneapolis area. We are confident that our focus on honesty and building relationships with our customers will make us the right choice for you.

Not Sure If You Need a Roof Replacement in Minneapolis?

You rarely think about your roof until something is very, very wrong. A wet spot in the ceiling, or worse, drips coming down. Some shingles were found on the ground. Flashing or an old satellite dish blown off by a wind storm. When you are in the Twin Cities and need to find out if your roof is damaged, you add it to the honey-do list and you call Honey Doers. If you suspect that your roof needs to be replaced, but there are no obvious signs, please Call us at 952-985-5383 or contact us online for your free roof inspection.

Minneapolis Roof Installation

Honey-Doers specializes in roof installation. We are expert roofing installers with any material that you choose. Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles. They have been the most popular roofing choice for decades because they are affordable, and last 10-30 years. However, metal roofing has gained a lot of popularity for the color choices and return on investment. Standing seam metal roofing can last a lifetime depending on the metal and quality of installation. For homeowners who do not like the look of the standing seam style, we also install metal shingles for a more elegant look. 

Storm Damaged Roofs in Minneapolis

Did a storm come through, and you suspect that your roof is damaged, but there are no obvious signs like missing shingles or leaks in the ceiling? Call us for a free inspection to make sure that your roof is still in good shape. And don’t forget that a storm-damaged roof is generally covered by your homeowner’s insurance. We have been the go-to company for Minneapolis roof repairs for the past 25 years. After an inspection, if you need a new roof, we are happy to advise your communication with your insurance company to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you. 

Hail Damaged Roof

When hail pummels your roof, it is impossible for the untrained eye to tell if it damaged the roofing materials enough to install a new roof. Our team has years of experience working with homeowners and insurance companies and knows what damage is covered and what damage isn’t. We also make sure that you don’t wind up suffering through leaks later on, causing damage to your home beyond the roof. 

Ice Dams

Roofs that need replacing often don’t show any signs. When an old or damaged roof is on your home during our harsh Minnesota winters, it can cause ice dams to form. This problem causes further water and moisture damage to your roof and attic, and can lead to mold problems. 


  • Roof repair & maintenance
  • Roof replacement
  • New roof installation
  • Gutter & downspout installation
  • Comprehensive roofing estimates

Our roofing services are available in and around the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate. Call us at 952-985-5383 or contact us online for your free roofing estimate!

Why work with Honey-Doers? Here’s a look at some of our best qualities:

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