6 Signs That You Need a New Roof (Especially in Minnesota)

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Your roof plays a major role in keeping you and your family safe, cozy, and sheltered from the elements. Having a solid roof over your head also protects your home and the possessions within it. However, this structural feature won’t last forever—especially in Minnesota, where we experience harsh weather for much of the year. 

As time passes, your roof can age and wear as it withstands rain, snow, wind, sun, and other forces. Roof damage isn’t always clearly visible, but there are certain warning signs that can indicate your home is in need of a little roof update. Let’s take a look at some of the signs you may need a new roof in Minnesota. 

Do I Need a New Roof?

After particularly snowy winters or a bad summer storm, you may start to wonder if your roof is in good shape—even more so if it’s a couple of decades old. Having a roofing contractor like Honey-Doers come out and take a look can be beneficial. While there’s no question that you’ll need a professional to examine your roof if you have noticeable damage, you should also consider taking regular preventative steps to ensure your roof will last through the years. 

Unfortunately, not many homeowners know the subtler indicators of an aging or damaged roof. Let’s take a look at these six signs you need a new roof in Minneapolis. 

1. Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

Your roof will generally last 20 to 25 years, with a reasonable amount of wear and tear. However, the age of your roof often depends on the quality of your roof when it was first built or last replaced. 

In Minnesota, our homes are susceptible to snowy winter weather and storms throughout the summer, so our roofs can take a beating. This makes it especially important to have a professional come out to determine if your roof is in good condition as it approaches that 20-year mark, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your roof in the meantime. Make sure that you’re addressing signs of damage as they arise.

2. Stains or Water Damage on Your Ceiling or Walls

If you’ve noticed stains on the upper part of your walls and ceilings, this could be a sign of water damage. Water damage that high typically means one thing—your roof is leaking. Although it might seem simple enough for a homeowner to find the leak themselves, it’s best left up to professionals. They will be able to identify exactly where your leak is located and give you a professional opinion on whether your roof needs to be replaced or only patched in that area. 

3. Roof Deck Is Buckling or Doesn’t Appear Flat

When you notice your roof doesn’t look very flat, you could have a very serious problem on your hands. Buckling is caused by asphalt shingles not laying flat as a result of the roof underlayment wrinkling or movement of the wood deck. This might appear as though your roof has areas that are “dented” or “buckled” in. 

In Minnesota, we experience plenty of wet weather. We have snow and ice in the winter, and in the summer, we have high humidity and frequent rainstorms. Buckling of your roof deck is often caused by a leak that has been left for a long period of time, causing structural damage and rot in the decking below. 

When the wood deck is exposed, it absorbs moisture, leading to more problems. If you notice even a portion of your roof is buckling, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to assess the damage. 

4. Missing or Damaged Flashing

Flashing is an important part of your roof—it works to prevent water intrusion near joints and valleys, such as along the side of a skylight or dormer. Unfortunately, some roofing contractors try to save time and money by not installing flashing properly or at all. When this happens, water can easily leak into your home, causing damage that might go unnoticed for quite a while. 

If you notice your roof is missing flashing or the flashing is damaged, call a reliable roofing contractor to examine your roof. A good contractor will be able to check that the flashing looks even and lays flat, and determine next steps if it’s missing altogether or wasn’t properly installed in the first place. 

5. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can be the result of a storm-damaged roof. Being exposed to the elements on a daily basis can wear your roof down. When this happens, it doesn’t take much more than a bad storm to loosen those shingles and even knock them right off. Fortunately, replacing a few shingles here and there isn’t a hard task and can often be safely done as long as there isn’t significant deterioration of your entire roof. 

It can be hard to find an exact matching shingle, however, especially when your roof is older. While it isn’t a requirement to have a perfectly matching roof, when homeowners notice several spots of missing shingles, they may opt to replace the whole thing, rather than only a few. This will not only give you a cohesive look but will also give you peace of mind knowing your roof will last you longer.

6. Ice Dams in the Winter 

Minnesota is known for some pretty snowy winters. You may notice your roof starts to form icicles and snow at the edges. While it might look pretty, it can be a sign of a more significant underlying problem. 

An ice dam is a hump of ice that forms at the edge of a roof under certain winter conditions. They continue to grow as water backs up behind the ice dam and refreezes, continuing the cycle until the problem is fixed or the ice melts away from warmer weather. Not only does this potentially damage your roof, it will also put gutters, downspouts, and the interior of your home at risk. While ice dams are generally the result of insignificant insulation and varying heat temperatures on the roof, having a contractor assess the problem will help you determine your best course of action. 

Minneapolis Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

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