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We understand that home remodeling is something close to the heart of many homeowners. When done right, remodeling improves the level of functionality of your home, enhances your lifestyle and the positive experiences you have with your family in your home.

Leverage on Honey Doers expertise for your full home remodeling. Whatever your scope of remodeling needs, we will help with the design, budget, construction and provide milestones for the project.

We offer the following types of home remodeling services

Kitchen Remodeling

The most common type of renovation, by far, are kitchen renovations. Kitchens are not just used intensely, but they date very fast. That’s why homeowners tend to renovate them often. What can Honey-Doers do for your kitchen? 

Cosmetic changes like changing the wall color or the backsplash, but also bigger structural changes – do you want to knock down a wall and transform your kitchen into an open space environment leading into the living room? Do you want an addition to your kitchen to make a bigger space and add an island in the middle? This can all be achieved with the help of the expert team at Honey-Doers. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Like the kitchen, bathrooms are renovated quite often, because they’re spaces that are used often, and they need to be refreshed to avoid them looking stale, dated, or a little tired. New tiles are a given, because they’re often the first to date a space. Regrouting can also work for a refresh, if you’re on a budget. 

Of course, you can go for a full replacement of bathroom furniture, or even swapping the bathtub out for a walk-in shower. It’s an instant update to a more modern look and it’s also more convenient for a lot of people’s lifestyles. It can also add value to a house as a walk-in shower is a feature a lot of buyers look for. 

If you’re after a luxury upgrade, you can add a steam shower, a stand-alone bathtub, or heated floors to transform your everyday bathroom into a luxury spa experience. 

Basement Remodeling

Finishing basements is a common remodel among homeowners, because it can be very convenient. Yes, it’s an investment, but the rewards are also significant. A basement remodel adds more living space, as well as boosts your property value by adding more square footage to the home. 

The new basement, complete with electric, running water, freshly painted walls and a brand new floor can become anything you want, from an exquisite guest apartment to a great space for your teenager, or even a space for tenants, as a source of income. 

Honey Doers can help you achieve that by coming to your aid for a basement finishing job. Whether you just want to weatherproof it or you’re looking to transform it into living quarters, a game room, or glorious amounts of storage, our team can make your dreams come true. 

Major Additions

Of course, your remodel needs and ideas may be more ambitious, yet. Maybe you want a restructuring of your home, or to add new rooms, a whole new floor, etc. Honey-Doers are still your guys. 

Especially with recent buys, homeowners oftentimes opt to restructure their home to suit their needs and preferences. Maybe you want to knock down a wall and create an open space kitchen and living room, or you want to move the staircase, or turn a spare bedroom into the walk-in closet of your dreams. 

An above garage apartment is also a major project you may be looking to undertake, and you need an expert team of professionals to make sure your new addition is both structurally sound and looks great with the architecture of your home. 

The ultimate project, of course, is an extension. Adding a whole new room – or even an additional floor – to your home is a huge undertaking that you cannot do alone and whose success relies entirely on a good contractor and a professional team that can carry out your vision and bring it to life. Look no further than Honey-Doers for all your Minneapolis home remodeling and extension needs.

Renovation services

We have the experience and the resources to undertake extensive makeover projects which may entail significant structural work such as plumbing, heat installation, waterproofing among others. We can also opt for upgrades of specific parts of your house to ensure that it is up to contemporary standards and designs.

Design and building according to code

We ensure that the design and construction all adhere to the relevant laws in Minneapolis.


Our team of experts will work with you to design your home to suit your desires, wants, and needs. We can expand your house to improve accessibility or functionality of your space.

Customer care

Because we value your business, we guarantee constant communication of project progress and your safety. The project manager is available for engagement, communicating milestones to ensure that you are always up to speed with the progress.

Quality Craftsmanship

You will delight in the quality of our craftsmanship and the expertise of the team. The quality of our work meets and goes beyond acceptable industry standards. We are certified in the materials we use and all our team members are responsive and courteous.

Time and Money

Have peace of mind knowing that we will deliver the project within the agreed budget and timeframes. There are no hidden costs in our contracts, and all costs are communicated during the design and consultation phase. We will work with you to agree on key project milestones at the beginning, and the project manager will be available to give you regular updates.

Remodeling your basement when done right may increase your living space and enhance the value of your home. Your basement can serve as extra space for an additional bedroom, home office, playroom, fitness center, guest room, homeschooling space, storage, or home theater. In addition to the extra space, a basement renovation can increase the value of your property. In the United States, finishing a basement bedroom can give you a 70% – 75% return on investment. Honey Doers will work with you to design and set up the perfect basement to suit your family’s needs.

Key Factors to Consider When Engaging Home addition contractors in Minneapolis

Before you engage home addition contractors in Minneapolis, there are decisions you need to make. Your renovation project should be tied to a specific goal, for instance, are you renovating to expand your space or is it to increase the value of your home? We have had clients seeking to renovate their house to either upgrade its functionality or simply make it presentable for sale. Others seek renovations to upgrade to a more contemporary style. Whatever your objective is, keep it in mind before you engage your contractor.

After defining a clear objective for your remodeling project, here are other 2 factors to consider:

1. Planning and Budgeting

To avoid stress and frustration during renovation, be sure to make elaborate plans. Be ready to undertake research to get a sense of materials choices available in the industry, and potential contractors. You may consider commissioning a building survey to determine the overall condition of the house, places that do not need fixing and structural issues that require correction Your budget will determine the scope of the renovation project and choice of materials. If you need help determining your remodelling project, the Honey Doers team is happy to help. You can also read our latest blog piece for insights on costs for renovating a house. The length of the project will have an implication on the budget. For extensive renovation projects, sometimes it may be necessary to move out of the house as the contractors do their job. Therefore, you will need to factor in accommodation costs.


Your planning stage is also good for testing out different contractors with little to no commitment. It gives you a chance to get a sense of their responsiveness, depth of knowledge and choice of materials. After engaging several options with some set of questions, you should be able to determine who is likely to be the best option for your project.

2. Building Code Permits

Take time to determine the codes and permits you need. Ideally, your house renovation contractors should be able to advise on the required permits.


If you have any questions regarding building code permits in Minnesota, contact Honey Doers director and project manager at hello@honey-doers.com or TEL. for a free consultation.

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