Bathroom Upgrades: Visualizing a New Vanity

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If you’re getting ready for a bathroom redesign, you are likely planning to replace your current bathroom vanity. The vanity is an essential focal point for the bathroom. Vanity styles, cost and materials range widely, so there are many factors to consider. The term “vanity” typically refers to the cabinet and countertop, which often has a sink (or sinks) already installed. Mirrors often accompany vanities and may be attached or just floating over the vanity. The mirror oftentimes has a recessed cabinet behind it. Some vanities even include cabinets and other special features like a chair or stool. The majority of homeowners replace their vanity with the existing design in the bathroom, whether that’s contemporary or traditional. Vanities these days can be purchased online, at home improvement stores, or even at some furniture stores. When it comes to installment, however, it’s a good idea to leave that to experienced professionals. Check out some of the trends in bathroom vanities below to see if there’s an update that fits your style.

Is that a vanity or a dresser?

People these days want the bathroom to be another beautiful room in the home, so it’s no surprise that many people are leaning toward vanities that look like furniture. One of the most popular styles in this genre is the dresser vanity that stands on legs.

Pedestal Sinks with Open Shelving

Pedestal sinks have a sleek style that looks great in most any bathroom.  Unfortunately there are no cabinets with a pedestal sink.  One trendy storage solution is to have open shelving built in under and/or around the pedestal.  Glass makes a great contemporary choice for shelving materials. Open shelving significantly increases the space and can be utilized for storing lots of toiletries from toilet paper to hand lotions.

Vanities with the Rustic Look

If you’d like to have the feel of the outdoors in your home, then the rustic look may be the right style for your next vanity. Natural woods like cherry, pine, or oak are great choices for a rustic look vanity. A matte stone tabletop can be paired with the natural wood vanity to enhance that rustic, natural style even more. To further contribute to the outdoors feel, add live potted plants on the vanity.

Custom Vanities

If none of those styles seem to have that special touch you’re looking for, why not design your own vanity?  This is a very popular option on the market for lots of consumers today. You can tailor the vanity for your wants and needs opposed to purchasing a vanity that was mass produced. Working with an expert, you can plan your own style, finishes, and storage features to maximize the space in your bathroom and give you the storage you’ve always needed.

Making that Vision a Reality

Our company has been remodeling homes for over twenty years, and customer service has always been a top priority for us.  Our business is family-based. We won’t make unnecessary recommendations at your expense. You’ll get the best remodel for the lowest price. Call us today at 952-985-5383 to discuss that bathroom vanity you’ve been considering. We’ll get you a fast, free estimate!


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