Five Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Remodeling on Schedule

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A typical bathroom remodeling project is no small task and can always get delayed or slowed
down for various reasons. It involves making lots of decisions and coordinating various elements
of the remodeling to guarantee a satisfactory final result. But whereas the project involves a lot of things, it is the desire of every homeowner undertaking a remodeling project to work within the confines of their budgets and ensure the project is completed within schedule. With regards to completing a bathroom remodeling on schedule, here are a few tips to save you from wasting any time:

Prepare adequately before you begin

There are certain preparations needed to be done before you fully embark on a bathroom remodeling project. These need to be cleared in the right time so that when the actual remodeling begins, they will not stand on the way or cause any delays. The first step in the preparation is to obtain the necessary permits for the remodeling. The cost and the lead times for getting such permits might vary depending on your region as well as the scale of remodeling intended.

The other aspects of preparation which you need before the commencement of the project include disconnecting gas, water and electricity lines, getting a dumpster, setting up secured dust zones amongst others. Having all these done in good time will ensure a smooth progress of the project and enhance your chances of completing it within schedule.

Prepare a Calendar or work schedule

A normal bathroom remodeling project can take between two and three weeks depending on the scale and the details of the work involved. Since there are different activities involved in the remodeling, you need to apportion time for each activity to ensure smooth execution. Activities such as demolition, mechanical rerouting, and building might require the input of multiple parties. It is imperative that you synchronize all these in the calendar so that it is clear when what will be done and by whom.

Know the Contractor’s schedule

It is also important to check with the contractor and know his schedule so that you choose the seasons when he is not likely to get an influx of work. If you choose the seasons when he is most busy, you are not only risking a delay in the completion of project but also you are likely to compromise on the quality since he will have divided attention working on your project alongside those of other clients.

Have the precise budget in place

One factor responsible for most of the delays in bathroom remodeling projects is starting the project without the full budget. Ideally, it is recommended that you have the full amount in place and possibly purchase all the necessary items needed for the remodeling before the work begins. You can consult with the contractor to know the items needed for immediate purchase, and you can set aside the rest of the money for items not needed urgently.

Have a contingency plan for the unexpected

There are instances when a bathroom remodeling project can get delayed due to unexpected events such as harsh weathers. For instances, storms and winds can halt the project and delay the completion with weeks or even months. It can be difficult to get the materials delivered on time and also be impossible for the contractors and sub contractors to proceed with their duties. A good remedy for such a situation will be to plan the remodeling project around such weathers if you live in an area affected by them.

In other words, you need to have alternative plans so that the bathroom remodeling goes on uninterrupted since you don’t want to stay for a long time without being able to use this small but important room in your home.

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