Hygge at Home: Embracing Scandinavian Comfort & Simplicity in Your Kitchen

Hygge interior design

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Originating from the Nordic region, specifically Denmark and Norway, ‘Hygge’ (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a concept that epitomizes a warm, cozy, and content way of living. This Scandinavian philosophy, deeply rooted in the pursuit of everyday happiness, emphasizes comfort, simplicity, and a connection to nature. In the context of interior design, hygge translates into creating spaces that foster a sense of well-being and tranquility.

The History of Hygge

The term ‘hygge’ comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being.” It first appeared in Danish writing in the early 19th century and has since evolved into a fundamental aspect of Danish culture. Originally, hygge was a survival strategy during Denmark’s cold, dark winters, offering a way to find comfort and joy in simple pleasures.

Hygge as a Design Aesthetic

In design, hygge is about creating a warm, inviting space. It’s less about the style and more about the feeling the space evokes. A hygge-centric design promotes simplicity, functionality, and a connection to the natural world. This approach can be particularly effective in the kitchen, a place often considered the heart of the home.

Creating a Hygge Kitchen

hygge kitchen design

Transforming your kitchen into a hygge haven involves incorporating elements that enhance comfort and functionality while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look. Here are some suggestions:

Cozy Reading Nooks

 Even in smaller kitchens, a nook can be incorporated by utilizing corners or underutilized spaces. Ensure adequate lighting, preferably natural during the day and soft, warm light for evenings. Choose a comfortable, compact chair and a small table or shelf for books and beverages. This nook can be a peaceful escape within the kitchen. 

Welcoming Natural Light

 Consider light, translucent curtains or blinds that provide privacy without blocking natural light. Strategically place mirrors to reflect and enhance natural light throughout the kitchen. In addition to natural light, choose warm, dimmable artificial lights for evenings. This not only makes the kitchen feel more open and inviting but also helps in connecting with the outdoors.

Updated Cabinet Accessories

 Swapping out cabinet handles and knobs with ones that have a warm, tactile feel can subtly enhance the coziness of your kitchen. Think materials like brushed brass or wood. Choose hardware that complements the overall style and color scheme of the kitchen that are also high-quality materials. These would be not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Ensure that the new accessories are ergonomic and comfortable for daily use. 

Coffee and Tea Station

 Dedicate a corner of your kitchen, near a water source, to a coffee and tea station. Include shelves or drawers for storing teas, coffees, sweeteners, and other essentials. Add decorative elements like unique mugs or a small plant to personalize the space.

Functional Water and Lighting Fixtures

Choose fixtures that are energy-efficient, reducing overall utility costs. Soft, warm lighting can transform the ambiance, while stylish taps in materials like copper or brushed nickel can add a hygge touch. Also consider modern features like touchless faucets or under-cabinet lighting for added convenience.

Organized Pantry

 Use tiered shelves, lazy Susans, and vertical storage solutions to maximize space so that items are easily visible and accessible. Keep the pantry organized and declutter regularly to maintain its functionality and aesthetics. A well-organized pantry not only makes cooking more efficient but also contributes to a sense of calm and order. 

Display of Cookware

 Displaying your cookware, especially if it’s rustic or vintage, can add a touch of homeliness. You can also choose pieces that are frequently used and/or visually appealing for display. Ensure that the display method is secure and does not pose a hazard, especially in homes with children.

Cozy Rugs

 Choose rugs that are durable and easy to clean, as kitchens are high-traffic areas. Ensure the rug fits well in the available space and does not obstruct movement or doorways. Opt for non-slip rugs or use rug pads to prevent slipping accidents. Add a plush rug or two for warmth and texture. This not only makes the kitchen more comfortable underfoot but also adds to its visual appeal.

Honey-Doers: Your Kitchen Remodel Experts

Hygge kitchen design ideas

Ready to embrace hygge in your kitchen? Honey-Doers are here to help. As experts in kitchen remodeling, we understand the nuances of creating a space that’s both cozy and functional. We can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right elements to executing the design, ensuring your kitchen transformation aligns with the hygge philosophy.


Embracing hygge in your kitchen is about creating a space that’s warm, welcoming, and functional. It’s a balance of aesthetic and practicality, rooted in the Scandinavian ethos of simplicity and contentment. With these tips and the expertise of Honey-Doers, your kitchen can become a haven of hygge, a place where every moment is imbued with comfort and joy.

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