Questions to Ask Before Beginning Roofing Services

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At Honey-Doers Roofing, we fully understand how important your roof is. It protects the rest of your home from the elements, and when it is healthy, so are you. Its concept is simple, but the parts of it can be complex when they’re put together. That means that when you hire professionals to work on your roof, you have to make sure you get the best. Finding the best can be difficult.

Below, we are going to share a few common questions that you can ask to get a good read on prospective roofers and if they will be the best fit for your roofing and exterior projects.

QUESTION: If I hire you, will there be someone on-site with whom I can communicate?

A solid roof company will have a manager onsite to deal with every aspect of the work. You do not want a crew working without anyone watching over them to make sure everything goes smoothly. If a company does not offer onsite management, do not hire it.

QUESTION: Do you offer workman’s compensation insurance?

Law requires companies to cover their workers, so a company that fails to do so is not worth your money. If an accident happens on your property, you do not want to be held responsible and have to pay healthcare costs. Make sure the company will pay for them with workman’s comp.

QUESTION: How will you protect my yard during your work?

ANSWER YOU WANT TO HEAR: Clear details on measures that will be taken to shield your landscaping.

After paying for roof maintenance, the last thing you need is to pay for landscape repairs. A good roofing company will have universal strategies for protecting the landscaping of any worksite, whether it is commercial or residential.

QUESTION: Do you provide an estimate in writing?


If you do not have a written estimate to refer back to during a project, you have no way to handle unexpected issues. Don’t sign any contract until you have had time to look over a written list of things that need to be done and what they will cost.

Let’s Get Going on a Roof

We are on a mission to keep the roofs of Minneapolis as good as new. We know that a healthy business can provide jobs, and being protected from the elements is one of the first steps. Contact us today for commercial roofing services you can depend on. When it’s time to find a roofer, you can have quite the search on your hands! There are many roofers who will happily take your money for inferior work. You need to find the very best, because the well-being of your house or building is on the line. A damaged roof is hurtful to an entire structure.

Don’t get discouraged in your search for the best roofer. We’re here to help as you start or finish your journey. Call us at (952) 985-5383.