How to Create Your Dream Basement

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This year, we’ve all been spending significantly more time at home, which is causing us to notice areas of the house that are in need of some improvement. Your basement is probably one of those areas that’s ready for a little refresh—especially if that space has become a makeshift home office or, dare we say it, you’re using the basement as a little hideaway to get away from family or roommates. Well, let this be a sign that it’s time for your dream basement remodel! 

At Honey-Doers, our unique remodeling process will allow you to take on any space and turn it into your dream basement. Let’s take a look at some ideas for basement remodels and what you can expect when you work with a qualified basement remodel contractor.

Relax in Your New Bathroom 

If you find yourself needing a little extra TLC and self-care during these unprecedented times, a basement bathroom remodel could be just what you’re looking for. Turn that old, outdated space into a relaxing sanctuary to help you de-stress from all the chaos of being stuck at home with family. Because as much as we love them, who doesn’t need a little bit of alone time now and then? Use earth tones and textures like wood accents, greens, and tans, to mimic a spa-like experience.

Add a Wet Bar

A basement bar remodel might be the perfect way to add a little excitement while staying at home. Create a night-out experience without ever having to leave your house! The best part about having a basement bar is that you can customize it however you desire. Working with your basement remodel contractor, you can create a more modern, industrial look, opt for a rustic, simple design, or even design a novel mixture of the two.

Create a Movie Theater Experience

We can’t exactly go to the movies right now, but who says you can’t bring the movies home? With a custom entertainment center, you’ll be able to create a magical space for the whole family to enjoy. Create your dream entertainment experience, complete with surround sound, flat-screen TV, and plenty of storage for all of your movies or gaming systems! Additionally, an entertainment center can be an excellent distraction or learning experience for your kids, giving you some much-needed downtime.

Design a Home Office

A home office remodel could be just what you need to spruce up your basement. After all, many of us are still working from home and using makeshift offices. Convert a drab spare bedroom into an inspiring, creative office space that will really get those creative juices flowing. 

We all know it can be difficult to get your work done amidst the many distractions of home. With a specific place in your house designated for working, you’ll feel more productive and less prone to forgoing work in favor of those dishes in the sink.

Working with a Basement Remodel Contractor

At Honey-Doers, we know that your basement has the potential to be a perfect space for you and your family. Through our unique remodeling process, we’ll help you create a basement that is functional, comfortable, and attractive.

The first step in our process is collecting ideas. We highly recommend browsing photos of spaces you love and the latest basement design trends to get a feel for what your overall style is. Don’t rule out features that look expensive or complicated at the start—we can work with your budget to try and incorporate as many of your desires as possible. 

Communication is key before and throughout your remodel. A detailed contract that lays out the scope of your remodel will be critical. This helps keep both parties in the know about what type of work will be done, and when. Having good communication throughout the process builds trust between homeowners and their contractor, resulting in a great working relationship and an excellent end result. 

Having a regular opportunity to keep each other informed throughout the remodel is also important. You’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions and play a large role in the ultimate design of your basement. After all, we’re building your perfect space!

Create Your Dream Basement with Honey-Doers 

Honey-Doers has been building Minnesota families’ dream basements for over 20 years. We operate out of Lakeville, MN, and provide remodeling services throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas. 

Whether you want a relaxing, spa-like bathroom for when you need to de-stress or a home office to combat the challenges of working from home, we can help! We have the knowledge, tools, and resources to transform your ideas into reality. Contact Honey-Doers today to get started creating your dream basement. 

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