Basement Remodel


From the client:

This Farmington basement was only partially finished and needed to be completely gutted/remodeled in order to create an apartment for the homeowner’s parents.  These clients were thrilled with the final product!


Custom cabinets were created by Hoffman’s and were designed to create a large, open kitchen that overlooks the living room.  The kitchen includes an over-sized pantry and a coffee nook near the living area.  The Honey-Doers team used their critical thinking skills and creativity to make the space efficient – reducing the amount of bulkheads in the ceiling and creating ways for the homeowner to get to necessary things in the basement without any hassle.  

Project description

From the client:  When asked about working with the Honey-Doers team, these Farmington clients said that they enjoyed it immensely.  They know that Honey-Doers is run with a high level of integrity AND quality.  They appreciated how creative and helpful the team was, especially when putting their ideas together with Rick and Shelly.



Project Type

Contruction, Building




Farmington, MN

The clients love how open it feels, especially with the large window and new door that were installed in the living room.  Honey-Doers took an old, wood-burning fireplace and replaced it with gas, surrounded it with new tile and created a custom mantle.  They also installed recessed lighting throughout the entire space in order to keep it bright, without big lights hanging down from overhead.  These clients wanted to make sure that they were choosing quality, practical items that would last a long time and were so grateful for all the options that Shelly gave them and helped them navigate through.