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Attic spaces are a renovator’s blank canvas. Few rooms in the house present as many opportunities for storage, living, and entertainment. It’s a wonder so many older homes didn’t build attics to be more habitable or functional.

Honey-Doers provides full-home interior remodels as well as exterior home services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas. This post will cover attic renovation ideas to help ignite a homeowner’s brainstorming.

Kid’s Room: Utilize the Open Space

If your kids are old enough (or brave enough) to sleep on a separate floor, attics make a great kid’s room remodel project. A lot of attic renovations with a low ceiling level are also wide and long dimensionally. In other words, they’re more complementary to a child’s height and provide excess space for play and toy storage.

That said, even low ceiling attics can be seven feet tall at their peak and should still be suitable for the child’s comfort well into their teens. You can also raise the roof later or in the initial build, which isn’t an uncommon addition during attic renovations.

A New Bathroom

Depending on your home’s architecture and plumbing, you may only be a few weeks from a new bathroom in your attic space. Modern bathrooms typically look sleek and simple, accentuating contrasting tones like whites and blacks while utilizing environmentally friendly utilities and fixtures.

Other installments could include custom glass paneling, waterfall showerhead, in-wall shelving and cabinets, and much more.  

Dressing Room & Clothes Storage

As a small attic renovation idea, you’d be surprised at how lucrative a dressing room can be. Just a few simple cosmetic changes—maybe a vanity and some brilliant lights installed—and you could be well on your way to a room dedicated to the day’s attire.

Of course, it’s not all that simple. Many attics have exposed wood and nails that pose a danger to homeowners, requiring delicate rework and care. There’s also a risk of exposure to mold or other harmful organisms. Even light cosmetic work should be done by a professional.

Entertainment Zone/Media Room

From installing a bar to setting up a projector system for a home theater, the sky’s the limit for an entertainment room. Fill the space with leather recliners and deck out the walls with your own personal sports hall of fame.

Audio equipment can also be mounted with slots for A/V cords fitted throughout the walls. Have you ever watched a football game on a projector screen before? You’ll know the legitimacy of a fumble before the refs do.  

Master Bedroom

Finally, a little bit of structural work from your home remodel contractor and you could have the perfect master bedroom. Often, smaller attics will require some roof lifting for at least half the space. But it’s well worth it, especially for the homeowner who’s looking to increase their property value.

Increasing the livable space by adding another room and a few hundred square feet? It’s a no-brainer for some homeowners.

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