The 4 Best Kitchen Flooring Materials for a Remodel

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From visual design to functionality and environmental impact, the best flooring for kitchen remodels will depend on a few factors – and that’s not even factoring in budget constraints.

Looking for some assistance as you plan a kitchen remodel? This blog post will cover the best of the best materials for your remodel and the features you can expect from them.

#1 Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is manufactured with multiple layers of synthetic materials, including melamine resin and fiberboard material.

What’s the appeal?

People love laminate flooring for its simple installation yet visual depth in design. There’s also the long-term lifespan of the material, as it’s been known to resist UV rays and scratches.

Cost outlook:

Among the most affordable materials.

Laminate Wood Flooring

When people search for the “wood look” flooring type, they typically land on laminate wood flooring as their go-to option. This is because laminate offers a comparable appearance to real hardwood floors while offering a durable yet affordable material in its place.

#2 Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

While carpet had its reign, and indeed still has some benefits, hardwood floor across the entirety of a home is still a great option for remodeling homeowners. When it comes to the kitchen, hardwood is just as viable of an option – albeit not as common as other rooms in the house, as many people opt for tile or synthetic options.

What’s the appeal?

No matter how you prepare it, hardwood is gorgeous. Wood is durable, adds great value to your home, and the color doesn’t fade.

Cost outlook:

Hardwood floors are not as affordable as their alternatives, but homeowners may find its benefits and visual appeal to be worth it.

Engineered Wood

The difference between engineered hardwood and traditional hardwood is that engineered hardwood is made of plywood and hardwood. Traditional hardwood is simply solid wood.

That doesn’t mean that engineered hardwood isn’t a viable option, though! With this option, you can have all the visual benefits of hardwood at a more affordable price point.

#3 Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been around since the 1800s, though more commercially since the mid-20th century and, like the options before it, comes with more pros than cons.

What’s the appeal?

Homeowners choose vinyl as their kitchen flooring choice because it’s budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and offers an extensive list of pattern and texture appearances. Vinyl is also water resistant, an appealing quality when remodeling a kitchen.

Cost outlook:

While prices vary based on models (thickness, brand, etc), vinyl flooring is on the more affordable side of the cost spectrum.

#4 Ceramic Tile Flooring

A long-time classic in the history of kitchen flooring, ceramic tiles have graced homes since before 1,000 BCE. Ceramic tiles also come in an abundance of different colors and cuts, matching nearly any kitchen design.

What’s the appeal?

The tile can be cut into various symmetrical shapes, including hexagonal, rectangular, or the traditional square style (among others). Some tile textures can even be designed to look like brick or even wood. You also can’t deny how easy it is to clean ceramic tiles. What’s more, the use of ceramics is environmentally friendly when compared with the manufacturing of other materials.

Cost outlook:

Ceramic tile is among the more affordable kitchen flooring types on the market.

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