When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

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If you’re like most people, you spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen. It’s the place where meals are prepared, conversations are had, and memories are made. Needless to say, this room sees a lot of use. If your kitchen is falling apart or the style is looking outdated, you may be considering remodeling. While there are some obvious signs that should tell you it’s time to remodel, like broken tiles or a moldy sink, others may not be as pressing. Here are a few things that should get you thinking once and for all about remodeling your kitchen

You’re Running Out of Storage

Clutter can be stressful and overwhelming, leaving you feeling as though you’re living in a crowded mess. The kitchen is one of the last places you’d want to feel crowded—it’s where you prepare all of your meals, after all! You need room to move around, chop vegetables, and safely operate your stove and oven. If you find your kitchen is feeling crowded, take a look at your current storage space. Where do you put all of your dry goods? What about your pots and pans? If your family is growing and you find yourself longing for that extra space, take it as a sign that it’s time to upgrade your kitchen.

Your Countertops, Cabinets, or Floors Need Some TLC

Broken pieces of tile or cabinets that are falling apart are telltale signs that it’s time to start planning for a new kitchen. Not only can broken elements of your kitchen be dangerous, but they are also unpleasant to look at. Countertops that are cracked, eroding, or have stains that can’t be removed might seem trivial to one person, but they could be a dealbreaker for another homeowner. The same goes for missing or cracked tiles and floors that have quite a bit of wear and tear. Rather than tackling a portion of your kitchen at a time, it could save you time, money, and your sanity to do all of it at once—particularly if you’re planning to sell your house in the future. 

Your Kitchen Layout Is Dangerous or Awkward

A poorly designed kitchen can make moving around while cooking inconvenient and awkward. It can also be dangerous if you’re dealing with a wrongly placed stovetop, sharp corners, or drawers that could easily be pulled out by a child. Whether your kitchen layout is truly hazardous or just a little too quirky for your liking, reconfiguring this space could be well worth it. Having a more functional food prep area can make using your kitchen more enjoyable (and safer) for the whole family.  

The Style Is Outdated

Who doesn’t want an updated, modern kitchen in their home? Maybe you’d like to expand the room or build a more sustainable space. Not only does updating your kitchen increase the value of your house, but it also allows you to create a space with the style and designs you love. Having an updated kitchen is also critical if you are planning to sell your home in the future. Older kitchens have the potential to lower the sale price of your house, but a fresh, beautiful kitchen could end up putting more money in your pocket down the road. 

The Kitchen Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

Do you find yourself having to scrub those linoleum floors clean more often than you’d like? While they may look gorgeous, high-maintenance or impractical kitchens can be a burden to some and absolutely discouraging to potential new homeowners. And if your lifestyle has changed over the years, your kitchen may just not be suitable for you and your family any longer. Updating your kitchen with low-maintenance features that are easy to clean and operate could be the best thing you can do for your home.

Your Appliances Are Costing You Money

Does your kitchen still have its original appliances from years ago? If so, they may actually be costing you money in the long run. By updating your kitchen to include new, energy-efficient appliances, you could be saving on water and electricity bills over the years. Plus, new appliances have the potential to increase your home’s value!

Kitchen Remodeling in Minneapolis 

One of the most important parts of tackling a kitchen remodel is finding the right contractor. You don’t want to plan for a major renovation only to be let down by the end result. This is where Honey-Doers comes in—to bring your dream kitchen to life! With over 20 years of experience serving Minneapolis families, we have the knowledge, tools, and resources to transform your ideas into a fully completed residential remodel. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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