How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

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Deciding to remodel your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. During a remodel, you’ll likely have to live without the use of your kitchen for a while. This time can be hectic, crazy, and expensive. Family life usually centers around the kitchen, and ripping out the heart of your home requires planning on how to survive the upcoming weeks or months.

Finding the right contractor who can complete a high-quality remodel in a reasonable amount of time can be challenging, but essential, to keep you and your family sane throughout the project. At Honey-Doers, we’ve been helping families remodel their kitchens for over 20 years, so we know all the inside tips and tricks when it comes to surviving a kitchen remodel. Here’s how we recommend you survive your kitchen project.

Finding the Right Contractor

Now, we might be partial, but to us, the first step in how to survive a kitchen remodel is to find the right contractor. Your contractor will be the only thing that stands between you and your finished kitchen, so you want to be sure that you’re finding someone who will be working in your best interest throughout the project.

Do your research when looking for the best company. Ask neighbors, family, friends, and even your local lumber stores for recommendations. Online reviews can’t always be the most reliable, but trustworthy people you already know can provide excellent insights.

Interview each company before making a decision. Ask questions about financial references, project timelines, subcontractors, payment plans, and more. The more questions you ask, the better feel you’ll get for what each company can provide.

You don’t want to compromise on the quality of your remodel. Sometimes you find a contractor that can finish a project in a short amount of time, but will it be worth it in the end? Honey-Doers can complete a project smoothly and as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

If you live in Apple Valley, Eagan, or Lakeville you’ve most likely heard our name pop up amongst the most trusted remodelers in Minneapolis; and that’s a title that we take seriously.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

Throughout the remodel, you are likely not to have full use of your kitchen. Eating out all the time can really add-up financially. Creating a temporary kitchen, perhaps in your living room or garage, can be a big help. Find an area that will be functional, but not cause too much clutter or added stress when trying to maneuver around.

Some things you might want to think about adding to your temporary kitchen:

  • Set-up station for cooking and prep. Make sure to include some small appliances such as a microwave, toaster oven, or even a portable burner.
  • Move your refrigerator into the temporary kitchen. Ask your contractor if he or she can help you move the large appliance into the area.
  • Store dry goods in clear containers, so it is easy to see what you need. Box up things you don’t use often and store in a separate location.
  • Create an area for paper plates, napkins, and utensils. Keep in mind the set-up of a campsite. The more organized you are, the less stressful things will be.

Factor in the Cost of Eating Out

If you plan to factor in the cost of eating out most days of the week, you won’t be caught unaware by a large takeout bill at the end of your project. Create a schedule to rotate various carryout options to keep things fresh and exciting.

Leave Home for a While

If you have been thinking about planning a family vacation for some time, try planning it during the time of your kitchen remodel. It’ll make for less time having to spend without a fully, functioning kitchen.

If you aren’t planning to go on vacation, maybe try asking family or friends if they would be willing to let you stay with them for a portion of your remodel. Being able to step away from the construction and mess can help alleviate stress for you and your family.

Plan Meals Around Small Appliances

If you are unable to leave the house during the remodel, having a temporary kitchen will help, but also try planning your meals around small appliances or no appliances at all. A microwave can be handy during this time, as many things you wouldn’t usually think to microwave can actually be cooked in one, such as a sweet potatoes or eggs.

If you don’t want to necessarily use a microwave for everything, a portable burner can a great asset. You’ll be able to cook pasta, eggs, meats, and more. This can make it feel like you still have a somewhat functional kitchen, rather than living only off the microwave.

Stock the Pantry With Disposables

Without the use of your full kitchen, you will probably not have access to your dishwasher, or even a large sink for that matter. Having disposable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins can be extremely helpful. While you may not be using disposable pots and pans for the actual cooking, paper plates can help keep the dishwashing to a minimum.

Put Your Grill to Work

If the weather permits, fire up your grill and put it to work. You can grill almost anything that your oven can cook; vegetables, meat, and even pizza! Create some foil-packet meals for easy clean-up, as well. Get creative or breakout some cookbooks.

Remember the Big Picture

In the grand scheme of things, your life without a fully functional kitchen is only temporary. While you can’t avoid some hiccups here and there, soon you’ll be using your brand new, dream kitchen and it will all seem like a distant memory. You’ll hardly remember the times when you were eating microwave meals seven days a week.

If you are ready to tackle the task of remodeling your kitchen, Honey-Doers can help! With excellent customer service, we can produce a high-quality kitchen that will make the remodeling process 100% worth it. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!

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