Useful Home Maintenance Advice

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In the hustle bustle of our busy lives, we often fail to maintain our home the way it should be done. Regular maintenance of your home or property ensures that it is in good shape, extremely livable and importantly, safe. It also ensures that your investment in your home stays protected.

Scheduling regular maintenance can take care of most problems and prevent costly problems from occurring. Most people perform seasonal home maintenance. Usually home maintenance takes place in the fall, winter, spring and summer as the seasons change.

In fall you have to get your home ready to tackle the upcoming winter. Winter can get harsh and can get  very grueling for many houses. In winter, you must follow up regular maintenance and check your home for problems carefully. They can creep up on you and before you know it, you have full fledged emergency on your hands. In spring assess the damage from winter, make repairs and get ready for the warm months ahead. Summer is the time when a number of outdoor and indoor maintenance tasks can be taken care of, such as painting, repairing steps and walkways, checking the roof and chimney, etc.

There are some things that can also be done on a more frequent basis to help in home maintenance.

  • The air vents both outside and inside should be regularly checked to prevent blocking by debris and snow.
  • The extractor hood filters should be checked/cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • Electrical outlets should be covered with safety plugs.
  • Check the house regularly for hazards such as loose handrails, buckling or lifting flooring, faulty smoke detectors, etc.

How do I get Started?

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