Remodeling Your Kitchen for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

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A homeowner will likely renovate his kitchen before he renovates any other room in the house. With helpful guidance, patience and proper preparation, your home makeover will be a smooth affair and maybe you will finish before time and within budget. Before you start renovating your kitchen you can consider the following tips.

Organize and make plans

Make a project folder that you will keep on hand. You can add floor plans, sketches, sheets from magazines of kitchens that you liked, paint chips of color schemes that you liked, spec sheet for appliances, samples of materials and renovation wish/job list to check off as as work on the kitchen progresses.

Prepare for unknown variables

Add a minimum of 15% of the cost you estimated for the project. It is not at all wrong to keep an optimistic outlook but in the event that things don’t turn out as you had planned you must have something to fall back on.

If in doubt, take on a pro

You can save money by doing part of the job yourself, but if you are in a doubt about some detail it is better to call in a pro. It is better than calling some one later and spending more on breaking it down and redoing it.

Before you hire a professional service, ask them for references and have a look at the work they’ve already accomplished to get an idea of what you can expect. Make sure they are covered by insurance.

Quality first

In the long run, buying low quality and inexpensive hardware, fixtures will cost more. Take some time out to make some research on products so that you don’t end up making any wrong choices

Plan for the future

Spare a thought for what you would like bring for your kitchen. For example, if you are planning to have an electric chimney installed, then make allocations for the necessary space, when you plan your kitchen.

How do I get Started?

Honey-Doers Home Maintenance and Remodeling has been serving the Lakeville and Burnsville area for over 18 years and have done quite a few kitchen remodels in the process. We’re famous for our free estimates, so please give us a call to discuss your bathroom remodeling project at 952-985-5383!

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