Spring Cleaning Your Basement to Make Room for a Remodel

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Spring cleaning is here, but this year you’ve decided to step it up and remodel your basement as well. Many homeowners have a basement and don’t take advantage of the space; then they’re put off by the price of finishing it.

Remodels are a great way to increase the value of your home and to get more out of it daily. Always ensure you discuss what the end product should look like with your basement remodeler. Don’t wait to clean up your basement any longer; these easy tips can help you spring clean your space before a basement remodeler gets to work. It’ll make both of your lives easier.

Sorting and Storage

Basements are the home of nearly all the things you don’t need or even want but can’t seem to part with. Although it’s useful to use your basement for storage, you should be conscientious of how much space you need for your remodel.

Here’s a short list of regular items that are appropriate to store in a basement:

  • Offseason clothes
  • Holiday or party decorations
  • Offseason outdoor products

We understand that you don’t want a harsh winter to ruin your patio furniture, but this short list is pretty inclusive of what you need to store. Always seal anything you’re storing in your basement to protect it from moisture, rot, and bugs. Get rid of anything taking up space!

Inspect for Damage

Basements are prone to water damage, and most homeowners don’t realize the extent of the damage until it requires significant repair. Fortunately, if you’re planning on a basement remodel you have the opportunity to inspect your basement for damage before a service starts working in your home.

Check all the walls, the foundation, carpeting if you have it, and behind cabinets for any signs of water. If there are cracks, you can notify your basement remodeler and request one of their contractors seal the cracks properly.

As you’re checking the walls be sure to clean them. Homeowners often overlook walls as a surface when spring cleaning. However, walls attract the same dirty hands that touch countertops, doorknobs and every other surface of the home you clean regularly.

Deep Cleaning

Too often homeowner believes that a basement remodeling service will take care of the preparation cleaning for them. But these services are ready to add extra fees onto your bill if they come into a particularly unkempt scene.

There’s a lot of preparation that comes with remodeling, and a basement remodeling service aren’t the people you should expect to take care of it. Instead, focus on doing what you can yourself and communicate what you weren’t able to get to with your basement remodeler.

Deep cleaning is especially important if you’re using paneling for your wall or floor treatment and if you intend to use a modular system to set up a room. You must clean, and sanitize your walls, flooring and if you plan on putting in a false ceiling, the ceiling as well.  

You should focus on using cleaners that target mold, so you know there are no spores on your walls before the remodel starts.

Moisture and Fixture Cleaning

Moisture is the evil queen of basements. It rules the territory, but it just doesn’t belong. Although you can run your air conditioner a bunch to clear out some of it, cleaning is the solution. Clean around your furnace, water heater, and laundry units.

You can check for moisture by taping a bit of plastic sheeting onto an area of the floor and the wall. The plastic sheeting doesn’t need to be any bigger than a standard bathroom rug. Let these set for about 2 weeks and keep an eye on them. If you see any droplets on the plastic, your basement is too humid.

Moisture can cause big problems for any basement remodeling service. It can slow their working schedule as they have to dehumidify as they go. It can also make some aspects of a remodel difficult or dangerous.

Any basement remodeler would warn against wall treatments or fresh carpet in a basement that potentially has water damage, or out of control humidity.

These appliances emit heat that stays in the basement and eventually causes any moisture in the air to stick around. You can clean the filter in the motor and blower on your furnace which will help control the humidity a bit. But, you can also buy a dehumidifier. Basement remodelers are familiar with the risks of overly humid basements, and they appreciate preventative steps.

Consider the Extent of Your Basement Remodel

If you’re redefining your basement’s overall design, you should consider clearing out your basement completely. However, if you’re updating a room that already establishes you need to prep only part of the space.

You should discuss the depths of the project with your basement remodeler thoroughly before you start your spring cleaning. If you already have a living space or room in your basement and only want to remodel within that space your spring cleaning is going to be very different than if you were remodeling the entire basement.

If your spring cleaning for a partial remodel, consider completely clearing out the space of any furniture, or stored items. Taking this step will help your basement remodeler prepare for any work they have ahead of them.

However, if you’re looking for a full basement remodel you should consider taking a few extra steps. Cleaning your air vent ducts is a step that would help your basement reduce moisture as well, better preparing it for your basement remodeler.


It’s important to clean your space before any remodeler comes in. But, with a basement remodel the spring cleaning is more about health concerns than remodeling efficiency. Be sure to deep clean your basement, clear out the clutter, inspect for signs of water damage, and finally put your focus on where the bulk of the remodel is happening.