The Best Kitchen Appliances To Update Your Kitchen in 2016

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Out with the old, in with the new; 2016 is around the corner and your kitchen is fending for an update. Update your kitchen to reflect your amazing personal style with some of the best 2016 appliances. From rose gold ranges to sink faucets that can turn your flat tap water into a sparkling wonder.

Let’s start:

Majestic Techno Collection 36″ Dual-Fuel Range

This is not your average, run of the mill stove or range. It comes complete with a griddle rotisserie. If esthetics is a concern for you, this range is available in three trims, 2 hardware options, 4 leg styles, five stove sizes, and a whopping 200 vibrant colors to choose from. It is virtually fitting for any kitchen, in any home.

Grohe Blue Chilled & Sparkling

Have you ever been drinking water from your tap and think to yourself how wonderful it would be if it dispensed sparkling water instead? I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a few bubbles in their water, right? Well this is the faucet for you. The sleekly designed faucet can dispense chilled, carbonated water with just a twist of a small lever. It also has all of the functionality of an average faucet that provides flat water.

Wall Mounted Hood

Sometimes, when you are frying up bacon on Saturday morning for breakfast or a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, your stove fan is just not cutting it so your fire alarm begins to obnoxiously blare as loud as possible. Not to mention, it is not exactly stylish. A 2016 trend that is in every modern kitchen is the wall mounted hood. It will keep your bacon smoke to a minimum and looks incredibly modern and beautiful. The best part is that they come in various colors to add either a splash of red to a neutral kitchen or black to a more monochromatic theme.


Kohler Apron-front Sink

You, your family, and your friends spend more time going up to your kitchen sink then you probably even realize. Why not make it a beautiful focal point in your kitchen? The Kohler apron-front cast iron sink is incredibly beautiful, modern, functional while still being able to be classic the entire time. Even as trends evolve, change, and your personal style strays with the years to come, this sink will be able to fit into just about any kitchen because of it’s timeless style. If white is not your style, this sink also comes in various neutral tones like Dune and Thunder Grey.

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It is where everyone gathers during the holidays, parties, and family gatherings. Why not make it as stylish and functional as the rest of your home?


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