Multiple Bathroom Remodel


Master of All Bathrooms

For the master bathroom, the clients went in a slightly different direction that kept the bathroom cohesive with the bedroom and made it so they could continue to use some of their favorite decorative items in the space.  They chose the color Chinchilla by Sherwin Williams and used the same hardware and fixtures as the other bathrooms. They also chose an all-glass shower for the master, making the space more open and bright. The final, amazing touch to this bathroom was the addition of a custom, sliding barn door between the bathroom and bedroom.  This was a great decision as it gave them more room without a door swinging into the space.

Project description

These clients from Lakeville contacted Honey-Doers with a big project in mind.  Home ownership can be tough, but just like anything in life, you can choose to take lemons and make lemonade.  When these clients’ upstairs master bathroom shower leaked through the ceiling of the lower level, they decided to remodel – all three bathrooms in their home!  These were clients who knew exactly what they wanted and were ready every step of the way when it came to design and decision-making.



Project Type

Contruction, Building




Lakeville, MN

Design & Decorating 101

While remodeling all the bathrooms in your home at one time could be a little headache-inducing, these clients were smart in that they used the opportunity to create a cohesive design throughout their home, using similar hardware, paint colors and even countertops.  Many people don’t know that this is a HUGE key to decorating and design. If you want a home that feels effortlessly beautiful, open and bright, consistency is key. It shouldn’t be difficult to see all the things in a room when you walk in, but rather be able to take in the whole home while appreciating the fun details you add.

When All is Said and Done

Overall, these clients were really please with all the work that was completed in their Lakeville home over the course of just a couple of months.  They created spaces that updated their entire home. These were great clients to work with and we can’t wait to do more work with them in the future.

Coordinated Bathrooms

For the main floor half bath and the upstairs bathroom, the clients chose Sherwin Williams’ Latte as their paint color and used the same countertops for both bathrooms.  The upstairs bathroom quickly became their favorite part of the remodel when the giant, glass shower door was installed. The bathroom already had a skylight that let in a lot of natural light, making the tile and glass in the shower look immaculate.