Lakeville Kitchen Remodel


Project description

Our Lakeville client wanted a complete renovation of their kitchen. That included the replacement of yellowed flooring and stained windows as well as updated appliances and new, custom cabinets.



Project Type

Kitchen Remodel


Lakeville, MN

Remodeler Analysis

Deliver a kitchen remodel that provides an open concept feel. Update faculties for visual improvement and functionality.

Renovation Approach

Materials we used included Black Walnut for the island counter and floating shelves. The cabinetry was fully replaced with Hoffman custom cabinets which paired well with the Australian Cypress Hardwood (complete with clear coat) of the flooring. The windows were also replaced (and the rot removed) with Jamb-Free Pella windows.

Remodel Challenges

Thankfully the header for the sunroom was not load bearing, so removing it to free up space did not require a hidden header. The only noteworthy challenges in this project were the window with minor rot. Upon window replacement, new sills, exterior sheathing, and sealing were also applied.

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