Master Bathroom Remodel


The Starting Point

This beautiful master bath started with an internet search.  This family wanted to update their bathroom for very practical reasons.  They wanted a durable bathroom that would stand up to the test of time, while also being easy to clean throughout the years.  These Prior Lake residents had no idea what a beautiful remodel was in store from them. When they met with Dan, they had ideas that were practical, but not necessarily up-to-date.  Dan started pointing them in the direction of a bathroom that would be easy to clean, would last them a lifetime and would become a bright oasis for them in their home.

Favorite Spot

The client’s favorite part of the entire remodel though was the countertops.  The vanity consists of a double sink with gray/black/white marble and chrome fixtures.  Originally, the client wasn’t going to replace the more dated mirrors that she had in the bathroom, but when Dan started to talk to them about other types of mirrors, they found some great, simple ones at Lowe’s that matched the design and general feeling of the bathroom.  Add a little home decor and this whole area is now their favorite.

Project description

The client enjoyed the fact that they were able to line up the demo process with their vacation so they could be out of the house for a lot of the noise and mess.  The rest of the time, they stated that they always had a good experience with and enjoyed each of the men that came in to work. They stated that Dan dealt with everything and was quick in his communication and response to issues.  The team always stuck to good hours, cleaned up after themselves and were never disruptive. These Prior Lake customers were more than happy and we know will turn to Honey-Doers for future projects.



Project Type

Contruction, Building




Prior Lake, MN

Tile for the Win

The first thing that stands out when you walk into the bathroom is how bright and welcoming it is.  You immediately want to stay and relax for as long as possible. The second thing that stands out is the beautiful tile work all throughout the bathroom, including the marble hexagon tile on the floor with matching marble baseboards that can be cleaned with a quick swipe of a wet rag.  Then there’s large, slate gray tiles in the shower and around the tub as well as small, charcoal tiles in the base of the shower that hide soap scum well. The last, but not least, is the glass accent tiles throughout the bathroom. These tiles have variations of black, gray and white tiles, bringing all the other types of tile in the bathroom together.