Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodel


Project description

Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodel

This Lakeville bathroom remodel started with the strong desire for heated floors.  Particularly in Minnesota, there’s nothing like waking up in the morning, hopping out of bed and walking onto warm, smooth floors as you get ready to start your day.  These clients loved the process of building their ideas from the ground up, especially with all the amazing help from Shelly.  They knew they wanted a neutral bathroom that didn’t lean too much toward gray or tan and they were so pleased with the choices she gave them.

Another big thing this bathroom needed was storage.  Through the help of Honey-Doers, these clients were able to fill this bathroom with storage, opening up more space in their hallway linen closet, while taking nothing from the size of the space.  Storage was cleverly built into the walls with a mix of white and dark woods.

When asked how they felt about the whole process/the Honey-Doers team, this Lakeville client replied, “I love them! Every person who came through that door – I just adored them!”


January 08, 2018

Project Type

Contruction, Remodel


Lakeville, MN

Room of House