Organization and Functionality in a Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling your kitchen is exciting, not only because you’re improving the value of your home but also because it’s an opportunity to make your most frequented room more functional. Whether your kitchen is simply outdated, or unusable, consider these organization and functionality tips before you or your kitchen remodeler get to work.

Versatility by Design

Many people live for custom storage. Although custom storage is an organizers dream, it severely limits you when it comes to versatility. You may have everything planned out when you hire your kitchen remodeler’s services, but don’t over commit.

When you start ordering wood blocks with cutlery cutouts to install into your drawers your committing to having only the amount of silverware the block can comfortably hold and that the drawer won’t be moving, ever. What if you get new kitchen tools that don’t fit in your perfectly molded blocks?

Skip the customization and opt for versatility. Many homeowners are choosing sliding shelves instead of stagnant cupboards or more open cabinet layouts. This option allows them, or any new homeowner to organize the kitchen to fit their needs.  

Don’t limit versatility to your storage areas either, expand this concept to your entire kitchen. Instead of a segmented, or hard to work in the sink, choose a single large bowl sink. Although you don’t have the wonderful rinse and soak separation, you’ll find that doing dishes, or hiding them, is much easier.

Flow and Continuity

Most houses have a very limited kitchen setup. It’s one big room with everyone trying to enter and exit through a single archway or door space. That’s not great for foot traffic, in fact, it’s a recipe for disaster.

If you’ve noticed an is, land in anyone else’s home, you’ve probably realized how the flow of traffic tends to rotate around the island smoothly. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that there’s so much more counter space that no one feels pushed out of the way. Another bonus with an island is that it usefully fills up the center of the room, so no one is left standing in the middle of the room with nowhere to sit or utilize a counter.

Speak with your kitchen remodeler to explore the possibilities of increasing flow and continuity. Many remodelers suggest mirroring adjoining rooms to create the illusion of great flow and trick your household members into following a single foot traffic pattern. This setup works great when the kitchen has 2 entrances from opposite sides.

Vertical Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Vertical storage is a godsend, but it’s also the lazy man’s way of creating more space. If you’re not careful, vertical storage can lead to more clutter, dust, and many bumps to the head.

In the last few years, everyone’s made a move to install as many shelves as possible. But there are a few problems when it comes to bringing vertical space into the kitchen.

Shelves are not the only vertical storage options, and you must be careful when choosing to shelve for a kitchen. Many kitchen remodeling services will let you pick your preferences and run wild. But, a good kitchen remodeling service will guide you in what choices are functional, and easy to clean. For shelving in kitchens that means wire racks.

If you’re going to opt for additional space in your kitchen in the overhead area, choose wire racks. Don’t choose wood shelving or open cupboards because they trap dust and grease. Standard shelves or open cupboards are also difficult to clean.

Another “do” when it comes to vertical space is magnets. Magnets bring in so much functionality, and you can install a magnetic plate on the side of your cupboards or your wall. A kitchen remodeler should help you choose a size for this plate and pick the most functional spot. Imagine, you can mount whiteboards, hang children’s artwork, or attach your kitchen tools!

Don’t rely on tension rods as a stable kitchen space solution. This online “hack” has led to many kitchen disasters as people store more on these rods than they’re intended to hold. Keep in mind that most tension rods should only be holding your shower curtain!


  • Use easy to clean materials.
  • Use magnets, and hooks to increase vertical storage without shelves.
  • Keet space above your working areas clear.


  • Use open cupboards in areas prone to grease and dust.
  • Use tension rods for any items over 1 pound.
  • Suspend baskets for storage on tension rods.

The Kitchen Triangle

If you were to draw a line between your refrigerator, sink and the stove you should end up with a triangle. This setup is referred to as the kitchen triangle by many kitchen remodelers. The goal is to create as perfect a triangle as possible.

If you’re working with a kitchen remodeling service for a full scale, remodel where you’re gutting everything and starting from scratch you have the unique opportunity to set up the kitchen triangle how you want.

Drawer Storage

The myth of remodeling is that you all of a sudden have this new found space. That’s rarely the case, but you can establish an organizational system and improve the functionality of the space you already have.

For many people, kitchen drawers are a black hole where somehow the most kitchen tools settle on the button, and the turkey baster is always on top. There are many options available to increase organization and functionality with your kitchen drawer.

Many homeowners are now opting for deeper drawers believing this will solve their problem. Instead, you could go for the alternative of more drawer that is shallower allowing you to see everything in the drawer at once easily.

But, if you love deep drawers, you can have your cake and eat it too! Deep drawers increase in functionality with great lighting. Appropriate lighting can help you see all of the contents in the drawer at once. Speak with your kitchen remodeler about installing motion activating light strips into deep drawers.


Work with a kitchen remodeling service to find what will work best in your home. Keep in mind what your typical organizational preferences as you plan. If you usually like things tucked away, ask about appliance garages. But, if you want to see what you have without opening every cupboard, ask about glass faced cupboard doors.

There are so many options available when you’re remodeling it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Discuss your organizational goals with your kitchen remodeler to avoid the stress of a remodel!

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