Color Trends in Your New Kitchen

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The kitchen is often considered the heart and soul of the home. As savvy designers will tell you, that heart and soul, whatever it may be in your individual case, is reflected by the color scheme you choose to employ.

In other words, your color choices are personal, so you should know what you want before you hire someone to repaint your kitchen space. If you’re at a loss for ideas, no worries. Here are some of the kitchen color trends that have been picking up steam.

Appliance Mixing & Matching

Most modern appliances, you’ll find, are white, black, or silver. One trend that is taking hold is to either paint most of the kitchen to match these appliance colors and conceal the appliances, then “mixing it up” with sparse accents here and there that draw the eye.

It’s a way to “make a statement” without going too color crazy. An all-white kitchen with just a hint of orange in one or two spots would be an example, and you can imagine how much those orange hits would stand out against such a background.

Alternatively, some prefer to paint their kitchens in a color that is complementary to the appliances and will make them stand out even more, using them as the accent, so to speak. If the refrigerator is black, then you might expect to find some bright reds or stark whites somewhere else in the kitchen to add balance and visual interest.

Go Wild with The Countertops and Cabinets

Since having too much of any one color in the kitchen is now viewed as static by many, playing around with the countertops and cabinets in a way that is dynamic is becoming more common.

The range of colors here is wide, so if you prefer darker cabinet colors, you can do so while maintaining the essence of the theme by compensating with lighter or brighter colors elsewhere. Or you can make the cabinets bright and do the opposite with the rest of your kitchen.

Your countertops present another opportunity to “go wild.” Quartz offers an easy way to get a quality surface and experiment with different unique patterns and color schemes. Though you could stay traditional with a gray, brown, or white, you might also try experimenting with reds, yellows, and bright greens.

Going Gray

For those that prefer a neutral and sophisticated look, gray present what might be the perfect option for achieving it. You could use different gray tones on your walls and cabinetry, then add contrast by using white or black countertops. The result is something that is out of the ordinary, but not so crazy that you have blasts of hot neon colors all throughout the kitchen.

Making It Hot

Not literally, of course. One trend is to try to “heat up” the kitchen by using warm colors that aren’t necessarily bright colors. Slightly subdued yellows and reds fit the bill, and they have the effect of being simultaneously comforting and stimulating to the appetite. These warm colors can mix well with cooler colors, creating a nostalgic or rustic feel that one might have in a country or summer home.

Evoking Calm

Soft, muted color palettes are often the way to go to create this look. The goal is to calm the spirit and create a sense of comfort using color psychology. The result should be minimalist, mature, and modern, and can be achieved in several ways.

You might try, for instance, an earthy combination of greens and beige. Combined with the right countertops and cabinets, it will give you a pleasing “summer home” look the channels the days of old.

You could instead go with a bit more color, light blues or aqua, combined with sea green. With the inclusion of darker floors and cabinets, these colors will stand out, but not in a way that is gaudy. The look will remain suave and cultured, but simultaneously outside of the cliché kitchen norm.

You might even try a uniquely feminine calm. Pastel pink might not be right for every kitchen, but if you can match it with the correct accents, it will help to enhance the natural light in your kitchen, making it bright and pleasing for both yourself and your guests.

From the Floor To The Ceiling

One final trend that is picking up steam is adding color to the ceiling. Traditionally, the ceiling in most kitchens is white, but by including color here as well, you can make the space feel more intimate or more expansive.

Using dark colors throughout the kitchen, or light colors on the wall combined with a dark ceiling will shrink the room. It’s a visual trick that can help you control the feel of the kitchen no matter what hues you fancy.

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