Tips and Tricks for A Successful Bathroom Remodel

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The bathroom upgrade is one of the most popular home renovations around, and while most homeowners have some cursory knowledge of the process, there's no such thing as having too much knowledge when it comes to starting such a huge undertaking. For example, you might already know that you'll get the best results by hiring a professional contractor to tackle the work, but do know what work it is you want them to do? It pays to have a plan, so here are some things you should take into consideration to get the most out of your bathroom remodel.

Establish A Budget & Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

This is common practice before doing any kind of home procedure, and with bathrooms, it's doubly important. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of hidden or ignored damage within your bathroom. Things like a leaky toilet, water damage, faulty pipes, etc. that you should take care of during the renovation to increase the safety and efficiency of your bathroom. To ensure that you have enough money to complete your bathroom renovation even if something new crops up that you didn't anticipate at first, it is a good idea to pad your initial budget estimate by 15% or more. To make sure your initial estimates are as accurate as possible, you'll need to thoroughly examine what you want and put it all into perspective.

Don't Cut Corners

To reduce your costs, it might be tempting to hire cheap labor or source cheap materials for your bathroom remodel. Do not do this, as it will leave you with a finished product that you are unhappy with, which will then necessitate you spending more money to get it fixed up right. Make sure your bathroom remodel is done correctly the first time by hiring the right pros and getting the right materials for them to do their job.

The right professionals, in this case, could be numerous. A bathroom remodel could require the skills of many trades: tile setters, plumbers, electricians, etc., depending on what you want to do. Make sure you talk with your contractor before the project begins to ensure they have the staff required to handle what you want to get done.

Consider Making Your Bathroom More Efficient

The advance of technology has given rise to plenty of ways to increase water efficiency in your bathroom by upgrading to new showers and toilets. Make sure you explore all the options to narrow down a few selections that are both stylish and efficient. The amount of water you save could be up to 30% with the right choices, an amount that will save you a significant chunk of money in water bills.

Maximize Space

Many schools of thought urge homeowners looking to do a bathroom remodel to keep their bathroom the same size but maximize their space so that the current square footage feels like more. This requires some research. You'll need to know your current bathroom dimensions and understand what amount of space your current bathroom components are taking up.

You'll need to plan the new components to fit in the space comfortably. For instance, using a pedestal sink that takes up less room than a full-size vanity, ditching the storage closet to open up room for the shower, or using glass doors on a shower that will slide open to give the bathroom a more expansive feel. If you're unsure of all the options, you can work with a designer to help do some planning.

Materials Are Important

We already mentioned that you shouldn't go for cheap materials if you can avoid it. It's also worth noting that using high-end materials can often be a worthwhile investment. Since the bathroom is going to be a smaller space in most cases, you can get more bang for your buck by installing high-quality surfaces that make the room look luxurious without going overboard on your total budget.

As Are Colors

The color scheme within your bathroom will affect the way the room feels. You can stick with tried-and-true neutral colors if you prefer, or you could go the distance with some newer bathroom color trends that are gaining popularity. Powder Blue, Straight Matte Black, Stark Yellows, Rich Greens, and so-called "Jewel Tones" are all included on that list, so if you want your bathroom to stand out as more modern, consider one of these options.

Don't Forget About Lighting

Lighting is crucial in the bathroom (you wouldn't want to shower in the dark, after all). Thankfully, though, you don't always have to spend too much in this area if you can find fixtures that are stylish but none too expensive. Make sure you research all the options to identify one that matches your vision and won't break the bank.

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