6 Ways to Modernize Your Space

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Many of us wish our house embodied every aspect of our dream homes; a home theater, gym, office, or playroom for the kids. But what about those unused spaces we already have? Oftentimes, the spaces in our homes that are most overlooked are the perfect spaces to spice up. Areas like the attic, basement, or mudroom can be remodeled and repurposed into functional, yet beautiful rooms to enjoy for many years. Read on to learn a few ways you could transform an unused part of your house. 

Transforming Your Attic

Your attic, especially if you have a large attic, has a lot of potential. It doesn’t have to be used strictly for storage. The right attic can be the perfect room to repurpose, especially if you’re looking for ways to modernize your unused spaces. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Create a Retreat

An attic is a great place for a little cozy, quiet retreat. Go wild with your imagination and design a place you can hideaway in while you sip some coffee or read an interesting book. Keeping this space simple and clutter-free with a minimalist approach will also allow you to truly wind down after a long day or start the morning feeling fresh. As a bonus, add in a skylight window for a place you can gather up the family and watch the stars on a clear night.

Spare Bedroom

If your attic is large enough, a spare bedroom could be another excellent option. Turning the attic into a bedroom allows you to create a place for guests or older children that feels private and secluded. If you have enough room, adding in a small ensuite bathroom can be a little extra touch for guests to feel more comfortable. 

Home Office

This past year has warranted the need for a home office more than ever before—why not use your attic? If you have a large enough attic, turning that area into a home office can be a wise idea. Make sure you furnish it properly with sufficient storage, a back-friendly chair, and a sturdy desk—this way it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but functional, as well. A home office can be a convenient and modern way to update an old, unused space.

Finishing Your Basement

Many new homes don’t come with finished basements—leaving some homeowners scratching their heads about what to do with them. When it comes time to finish the basement, however, many homeowners may struggle visualizing how to optimize the space apart from adding some carpet, paint, and drywall. Having a design and plan in place allows you to create a space in your home that you’ll love and use for many years.

Here are some ways you can modernize your basement:

Add a Bar

Need a little entertainment in your life after a year of staying home? Add a wet bar to your basement! Bring back a little bit of excitement, all while never leaving the house. Or, add a spacious bar fit with at-home brewing technology, beer taps, open shelving, and a wine cooler to store your favorite wines. The best part of having your own bar is being able to design it to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Build a Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine lover, this one is a no-brainer. Rather than opting for the conventional basement layout, why not give yourself something you’ve always dreamed of? If you’re a long-time wine collector, you should have the proper home to store and show off your wines. A wine cellar allows you to control the humidity, temperature, and lighting to create the ideal conditions for storing. Just like with a home bar, you can opt to design your wine cellar however you see fit—whether you like a more modern, sleek approach or a traditional, wine-tasting-in-Italy feel.

Design a Home Theater

This past year, production companies tackled the major challenge of movie theaters closing by allowing people to stream the premiere of new movies from the comfort of their own homes. And what better way to watch your favorite movies than from your own home theater? Furnish your home theater with big, comfy reclining seats and a popcorn machine and when the lights go down, you won’t even realize you’re still at home!

How Can Honey-Doers Help?

No matter what space or room in your house you choose to modernize, Honey-Doers is ready to help! We’ll help you design and craft the perfect space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. From a quiet, attic retreat to a loud, entertaining home theater, our team has you covered.

Honey-Doers has been proudly remodeling Minnesota families’ homes for over 20 years and counting. We have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and resources to transform your home, bringing your dreams to life. Contact Honey-Doers today to get started on modernizing your unused spaces!