Woodbury Home Remodeling

Many people know Woodbury as a great place to settle down. For a small-town feel just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown St. Paul, you get the best of both worlds in this large suburb of the Twin Cities. With more than 140 miles of trails for families to enjoy, attractive residential neighborhoods, and a growing diverse population, it’s no wonder many Minnesota families choose Woodbury as their home base. 

But with a continuously growing population, the need for home remodeling and construction services has never been higher. Honey-Doers is proud to offer services to Woodbury families. With our extensive array of options, there’s something for all budgets and project sizes. We’ll help you craft a home you could have only dreamed of. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can transform your home.

Residential Construction and Remodeling in Woodbury

If you’re in need of construction or remodeling services in Woodbury, Honey-Doers is ready to help! With our wide range of offerings, we are equipped to complete any size project within budget. Whether you’re looking to complete a kitchen or bathroom remodel, finishing your basement, or in need of regular roof maintenance, Honey-Doers has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide you with exceptional services and a timeless end result.

Through open and honest communication, you’ll always be kept in the look, never wondering what’s going on with your project. Our close attention to detail and master craftsmanship will give you a finished project you can’t wait to show off. If you’re ready to transform your home, contact us today for a free estimate on all your home remodeling and construction needs!

Woodbury Kitchen Remodeling Services

If your kitchen can no longer keep up with your family’s needs, it might be time for an upgrade. The kitchen is a room we spend a lot of time in, from meals to memories it holds a special place in our hearts. When the space just doesn’t feel like it fits your family’s style and needs anymore, Honey-Doers can help transform it into something modern, beautiful, and functional. 

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping Woodbury families bring their kitchen remodeling goals and dreams to life! From updating your backsplash to designing a brand new layout, we’ll do whatever it takes to give you a customized kitchen from top to bottom within your budget. No matter the size of your kitchen remodel, Honey-Doers is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and expertise to ensure you’re left with a kitchen you could only dream of.

If you’re ready to watch your kitchen change before your eyes, contact us today for a free estimate!

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Woodbury

The bathroom is an often overlooked, yet important, part of your home. It’s used for everything from getting ready in the morning to washing off your muddy pup after a walk and giving your kids a much-needed bath at the end of the night. The bathroom should be your sanctuary, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed, and when it no longer fits that description, it might be time to remodel!

The bathroom of your dreams is within reach and Honey-Doers is here to help bring it to life! Having a relaxing, beautiful, functional bathroom design is essential to every Woodbury home. From updating to tile to gutting the whole thing and starting fresh, updating your bathroom will give your home an entirely new feel. The team at Honey-Doers will help you design your space, making your vision a reality, and creating the ideal place for freshening up.

Whether it’s your master en suite, guest bathroom, or powder room on the main floor, if you’re looking for high-quality bathroom remodeling services in Woodbury, contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

Woodbury Roofing Services

Minnesotans are no strangers to harsh weather. Unfortunately, heavy winds, freezing temperatures, and several feet of snow take a toll on your roof year after year. Because of this, ensuring you’re regularly maintaining your roof and providing repairs when needed is essential. If you’re looking for high-quality, trustworthy roofing services in Woodbury, Honey-Doers has the knowledge and expertise to help.

The roofing professionals at Honey-Doers install the highest-quality roofing materials to ensure you’re left with a long-lasting result. Whether it’s a whole roof replacement or a few missing shingles, we can handle all types of roofing projects. We are the experts you can trust with your roof. Contact us today for a free estimate on all of your roofing needs. 

Complete Your Home Remodel With Honey-Doers

At Honey-Doers, we are passionate about creating a home you’ll be proud of. Our dedicated team will help you plan out every last detail, keep you in the loop with open and honest communication, and ensure you’re left with a timeless end result. With our motto, we work with all types of home remodeling and construction projects within all budgets.

We are proud to have been serving Minnesota families for over 20 years, providing them with high-quality craftsmanship and close attention to detail on every project. You’ll never have to wonder whether you made the right choice with us! If you’re ready to take on a home improvement project, contact us today for your free estimate!