Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a Small Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a Small Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can be a very effective boost to the value of your property. However, if you have a small kitchen, a remodel can often be very stressful. A small mistake can make your kitchen look like a disaster. But this does not mean that you cannot remodel your kitchen at all. Here are a few smart ideas that can be used for the kitchen remodel in your Minneapolis home.

Making use of vertical space

When dealing with small kitchens, the amount of horizontal space available can be restricted. However, very often, there is plenty of vertical space available in small kitchens in the form of wall space. You can use this to incorporate elegant cabinets, and while doing do, make sure that the cabinets are slim and narrow. You can also use glazed doors to create a sleek look.

Open ceiling

It is not possible for every home to have an open ceiling. You can easily accommodate an open ceiling if you are planning on an extension. This will not only provide extra space to your kitchen, but the open ceiling will add beauty, and will also create an illusion that your kitchen is bigger. It can also save you a lot on energy bills from access to natural light.

Add personality with color

One of the problems with a small kitchen is that it is extremely hard to express personality. Not anymore, a simple touch of bold colors can accentuate your kitchen. You can choose metallic cabinets painted with bold colors such as red or orange to add a warm and welcoming look, and a streak of personality to your small kitchen.

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