4 Ways to Make the Interior of Your Home More Appealing For Buyers

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Before listing your home on the market, you really need to consider some upgrades to the interior. Remember buyers will be looking at all other comparable homes in the same price range. This means you need to make your home stand out from the rest. You’ve probably already considered painting, as many people do, but there are many other options to upgrade your home. If you haven’t done any remodeling in a while, here are some home improvements you should seriously consider if you’re hoping to sell your home quickly.

1. Open wide: Make the most of the space you have.

If you watch any home improvement or real estate shows, then it’s likely you’ve heard the term “open concept” over and over again. Buyers are really after homes with this type of design. In particular, they want kitchens that open up to living rooms, so they’re not separated from the family (or company) as they prepare meals. It is a “deal breaker” for many, many potential homebuyers. If your kitchen is a separate room, it’s worth consulting with a professional to see if  the space can be remodeled into an open-concept space. This will really make the home feel larger and make it appealing to lots more buyers.

2. Freshen up the room directly off the entry.

When potential home buyers walk through your front door, what will they see? Whatever room or space they are walking into needs to make a dramatic impression – whether that’s a foyer or a family room. Painting, again, is a given, but here are some other considerations. New crown molding and/or baseboards really make a huge visual impact in a room. Lighting also is a quick fix that makes a big impact – whether that’s an updated chandelier for the foyer or new recessed lighting for the living room. Think bright: Get rid of shadows in the corners. Some new wall sconces might also help with this and be a great visual addition too.

3. Fire up your kitchen.

As they say, the kitchen has always been the heart of the home. Many homeowners will make a decision on whether or not they want a house based on the kitchen. If your budget allows, new cabinets and countertops are a great investment that many experts agree you will get a great return on. Even simply painting cabinets can make a huge style change for your kitchen. Another cabinet option less expensive than replacing is refacing. Smaller upgrades for your kitchen include updating lighting (pendant lights are extremely popular now); replacing the sink (check out popular apron sinks) and/or the faucet; and replacing cabinet and drawer hardware.

4. The master bath should be a masterpiece.

The second best return on investment in home improvement is bathrooms. And homebuyers are in to master baths (also referred to as “the en suite”) right now. Free-standing tubs are in, and a frameless glass, no-threshold shower will give the illusion of much more space that there actually is. Replace the vanity with a “floating” vanity. For tile update considerations, look at river rock, travertine, subway tile, mosaic tile, and natural stone. Like in the kitchen, pendant lighting is popular for bathrooms. Less expensive update ideas for your bathroom include things like replacing a toilet seat, regrouting tile, and having a prefabricated tub professionally installed to replace a worn, stained tub.

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