Minneapolis Window Installation

Are you considering an update for your home’s windows? Few residential updates can provide a necessary refresh quite like updated windows. Old and deteriorating windows can lead to leaks, ugly visuals, and even create safety issues. 

Honey-Doers has decades of experience providing residential services to the Twin Cities and surrounding communities. Our window installation professionals partner with homeowners to deliver a quality window replacement tailored to meet the needs of each unique home.

Benefits of Window Replacement

Energy Costs

Not only do new windows help you maintain temperature control, a new window installation is also an opportunity to also update the insulation surrounding your window. In other words, you can save on energy costs and keep heat and cool air in the house where it belongs.

Noise Control

Today’s windows are engineered for sound reduction, helping you keep the neighborhood and traffic noise down.

Curb Appeal

You may be surprised by how much visual appeal new windows can bring to your home’s image. New windows are clean and won’t require paint.


New windows often include updated security measures inherent in the design. If your windows are decades old, the security measures may be out of practice. 

No More Sticking

You’ll also enjoy the everyday, less impactful benefits of a new window as well. That includes smooth, easy-to-use systems. No more sticking or hard to lift windows. 

A Fresh View

A new set of windows is like putting on a new pair of glasses. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer and more beautiful the world will look from inside your home.

Why You Should Use a Professional Window Replacement Service

Removal and reinstallation of windows requires steps the everyday DIYer may not be prepared for. Reasons you should hire a window installation contractor for your replacement include: 

  • The frame may need repair or replacement
  • Insulation and sealing should be adequately installed
  • Professionals know how to prepare the windows properly 
  • You’ll save a lot of time 
  • Access to certified materials

Perhaps the most vital reason for hiring a professional for your new windows: you’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced craftsman completed the job.

Over 25 Years of Home Remodeling & Installation Services in Minnesota

At Honey-Doers, we bring not only the tools and resources necessary for quality window installation services, but we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with clients throughout the process. Our aim is to deliver on your ideas and expectations while also providing practical timelines by tackling logistics upfront. 


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