The Kitchen Remodel Timeline

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When remodeling a kitchen, timing is everything. You want to know when the work will be completed so you can plan accordingly. Practically all kitchen remodeling services will cause at least some disruption around the home. But developing a kitchen remodel timeline helps make the process much smoother and easier to predict.

Proper Planning Prevents Delays and Disasters

Don’t rush the planning and design phase. You want to be completely comfortable with the remodeling plan before work begins. You’ll want to participate in the design process by providing ideas, pictures and feedback.

Detailed planning is also the best way to gauge future costs. Exploring product options lets you create a cost versus value analysis on all materials and products required. This helps you keep control over your budget. After all, it’s far cheaper to make changes on paper than during the actual remodeling.

There’s no particular time limit on planning. While you’re likely eager to enjoy your new kitchen, proper planning helps make the actual construction time go by much faster.

Product and Material Delivery Times

Another aspect of the remodeling timeline is the management of product delivery. Many different items will likely need to be ordered including cabinets, tiles, stone, furniture and appliances. Delivery times should be as coordinated as possible to ensure products are available when needed, but also don’t need to be stored for long periods of time.

Delivery times will depend on the type and general quality of the product. For instance, custom cabinets typically take about three or four months to be created and shipped. Semi-custom cabinets take about a month or two. Finally, ready-made cabinets can usually be shipped in just a few days.

Granite countertops are very popular, but they require a bit of preparation. Each individual granite slab will have color variations. You’ll want to look at the specific slab before the tiles are created to make sure the color is consistent. Granite fabrication can take up to 10 days.

Ordering required products and materials should be started right away. Fortunately, the remodeling can move forward while waiting on delivery.

Removal, Demolition and Assessment

The first physical work to occur will be removal. Cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring and other items will be removed as necessary. Part of the removal process will include proper disposal or potential sale of unwanted items.

Empty areas in the kitchen will be checked for structural problems. Floors, ceilings and walls will all be checked for potential damage, including water damage. Ideally, no issues will be found, but the best (and easiest) time to fix any problems is when the kitchen is basically empty of fixtures and appliances.

Removing kitchen items typically only takes a day or two. However, the timing is important because this is likely the first day when your kitchen will be out of commission. You’ll want to have a temporary kitchen setup somewhere else like in the dining or rec room.

Electrical Outlets and Lighting Fixtures

Changes to the lighting are often an important aspect of a kitchen remodel. New light fixtures or even a completely new lighting system can help add an entirely new look. Plus, remodeling typically changes the location of surfaces and fixtures, which requires changes to lighting as well.

During this electrical overview, electrical outlets, lighting and appliance power feeds will all be marked and placed. This allows for easier access to outlets and feeds even after heavy appliances and cabinets have been installed.

This preliminary electrical work typically only takes a few days.

Mechanicals, HVAC and Home Automation Installation

The next step involves the installation of various structural components. Think of these as the skeletal and circulatory systems of your kitchen. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are installed if new or repaired if existing.

Some remodeling work will require permits. Making an appointment and scheduling an inspector can take some time. In some cases, you might be able to schedule an appointment far in advance. As long as the work is ready to be inspected, scheduling an inspection far in advance can allow work to progress faster.

If your existing HVAC systems don’t need to be replaced or moved, this process can take just a day or two. If new equipment is needed, installation can take up to a week or more. Finally, work might have to pause while waiting for an inspection (although hopefully this can be prevented with advanced planning).

Installing Drywall, Insulation and Flooring

After all mechanical components have been installed and properly inspected, the next step is to install walls and floors. Installing the floor is usually done before any cabinets and kitchen islands are installed.

In most cases, this process actually goes pretty fast. Kitchen remodeling typically involves opening up the space. So, while walls might be knocked down initially, it’s unlikely they’ll need to be rebuilt.

The specifics will depend on the size of your kitchen and the work required, but installing walls and floors can take a week or two.

Cabinet and Countertop

The floors, ceilings and walls are all level and in great condition. Now it’s time to install the cabinets. Because the room has been properly prepared, the cabinets should slide right into place without gaps.

After cabinets are installed, countertops are next. Then the final touches are added including backsplashes, final trim and painting.

Cabinet installation typically takes a day or two. The final cleanup for the remodel could also take about two days.

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