How to Remodel Your Kitchen to Fit the Original Style of Your Home

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Ranch style, mid-century, Tudor, and more, there are original styles that last for decades or even centuries. But, we all know your kitchen certainly won’t last that long. There are many schools of thought associated with keeping the feel of your home present in modern times. Here you can see the different options available to you to keep your kitchen fitting for the style of your home.

It’s All in The Details

From functional details such as pocket doors to accents like hardwood floors; details make any room come alive. When you get original craftsmanship in Tudor, colonial, mid-century or ranch style homes it’s hard to see how a kitchen remodel is possible.

But when you work with kitchen remodeling services you can specify which details need to stay. Kitchen remodelers might also have some insight into how to keep details that you thought you would have to discard.

Think about old light fixtures that don’t support the new lightbulbs, and often get in the way. While hanging lamps don’t usually have a place in the kitchen, a remodeler may be able to raise them or utilize the fixture of ambient lighting.

Big Ticket Items that Keep Your Home Preserved

Although we’re not talking about knocking out the pillars in the front of your home, there are surely aspects of your kitchen that date the home. From aged porcelain sinks, and hardwood flooring, to cast-iron stove plates.

You might not use these items all the time; they’re hard to part with. For aged-old sinks that are from your home’s original style, you can fit countertops to match. Hardwood flooring is easy to retain but can be difficult to work with for cabinets, and pantry fitting.

Fixtures and things, you can’t easily move or should be kept as they help the kitchen fit the original style of your home. Kitchen remodeling services are notorious for bringing in the brushed stainless-steel and granite. But there are so many options available when you’re remodeling your kitchen.

For countertops to fit a mid-century home, think of classic ivory finishes. If you’re replacing the counters in an older home, consider butcher’s block.

Keep Your Updates in Harmony with The Style

It’s easy to choose to go with the best looking, newest fixtures. Recessed lighting, soft-close cabinets, and customized storage are all great and “now,” but that’s not what you want.

If you put trendy fixtures into your old kitchen, in a few years your kitchen will be “old” all over again. Focus on the design at the time of the construction of the house. If something wasn’t available when the house was built (excluding indoor plumbing), it probably wouldn’t fit in with the original style.

View your kitchen remodel as a historical restoration, with a modern twist. You can always find enameled hardware, brass faucets, and traditional wood pantry doors. There’s no need to gut and replace your entire kitchen to make it look like the next century.

Always Choose the Timeless Options

Finding flexible designs for your kitchen remodel is difficult but not impossible. Many kitchen remodeling services can help you restore your dated kitchen with timeless pieces, so it has all the functionality and convenience of modern times with none of the tell-tale signs of today’s trends.

People are loving old houses and scooping them up like candy. But people don’t want an old house with a kitchen that looks like it plays host to Food Network’s chefs. Instead, timeless pieces make it difficult to date the house and create a very understated class.

Always discuss your options with your kitchen remodeler to find out what works best for your home. They can help you choose timeless pieces that bring some organizational structure and functionality.

Neutrals Win

Although you’ve heard about the color theory hacks for your kitchen, there’s no beating white, ivory, tan, grey, café brown, and black. Yes, everyone knows that blue makes you calm, and green reduces hunger, but this is a kitchen, it’s where you’re supposed to love food!

Neutrals win when it comes to remodeling your kitchen to fit its original style because they aren’t dated. Unless your home was built in the 1970s, you probably don’t want bright colors blaring through your original home’s style.

Ranch houses are the one exception to this rule. Because ranch houses generally have much smaller kitchens a bright color can help detract from the obvious lack of space. Discuss accent walls, trim, and how to play with light with your kitchen remodeler.

Use Your House

That’s right; your house offers a lot of structure already in guiding you towards your flashback kitchen. When you’re remodeling with the original style of your home in mind, it’s best to go with the tried but true options. Try these:

  • Window treatments
  • Warm woods
  • Tile backsplashes
  • Islands

You can use your windows not only to create light but to utilize small details that will help your home retain the original style. Window treatments can seal the deal on revitalizing the style of our home. Use Roman shades to bring in a timeless appeal, and a ton of functionality.

If your home has hardwood floors, stick with that type of wood throughout your kitchen. You can always use bright whites, and subtle ivories to make your kitchen appear bigger or capture more light.

Use the Tools You Have

People discount kitchen remodeling services and don’t utilize them to their fullest extent. Kitchen remodelers can help you identify the original style of your home and help you either preserve or restore it.

It’s important to work with the materials you have currently, or to find materials from the period. Because there are so many pre-weathered options available to imitate age, it’s easy to get caught up in buying old-looking items. Focus on quality and design.

Spanish-style homes benefit from tile, warm woods, and historically Spanish materials. All the while, a midcentury home kitchen would shine with clean lines and bright light. Keep the original style of your home as the primary focus of your project, and any kitchen remodeler should follow easily.

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