Is It Worth It to Remodel My Second (or Third) Bathroom?

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Your bathroom is a space you want to walk into feeling relaxed and refreshed after a long day. It’s where you get ready in the morning and where you unwind at night. It should feel serene and calm, yet practical and functional for your needs. If your current bathroom doesn’t fit this description, it’s probably a sign it’s time for an upgrade. But what if you have more than one bathroom needing a little refresh? 

If you have more than one bathroom that’s seen better days, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to remodel both or all. There can be many reasons why it would benefit you to remodel all of your bathrooms, however, at times it might be more cost-effective to choose just one. Let’s take a look at how a bathroom remodel will add value overall to your home, as well as when you might want to consider remodeling more than one bathroom.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Add to Home Value?

A bathroom remodel can be one of the best ways to update your home while adding significant value. In fact, even minor changes can result in great payoffs. One study found an average return at resale of 102% when bathrooms were updated. 

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, the bathroom is one of the first places you should look to when deciding what needs to be updated. Many home buyers look for fresh, modern bathrooms. If your bathrooms are outdated, your house might sell for lower than you hoped and spend a bit more time on the market. 

To ensure this remodel actually increases your home’s value, you’ll want to approach the project the right way. This means you should avoid trying to DIY it, potentially costing you way more money and time than expected. Also, don’t use too many high-end finishes—a mid-range remodel will produce higher benefits. But that’s not to say you can’t have a high-end remodel if you’re planning to stay there long-term.

When You Should Remodel All of Your Bathrooms

There can be several reasons a homeowner might want to remodel more than one bathroom. First off, if you are eventually planning to remodel all the bathrooms in your home, it can be more cost-effective to do them all at once. You’ll be saving time, money, and resources by opting to remodel more than one space of the house together—plus, you won’t have to go through the whole process again, uprooting your family’s daily routine.

But aside from being more affordable in the long-term, there are several other reasons why you might want to remodel those extra bathrooms. 

Your Family Is Growing

Oftentimes, couples purchase a home they can hopefully grow into. While renovating every inch isn’t necessary right off the bat, if your family is beginning to grow, it may be time to think about updating. This can be especially true of the bathrooms.

If you lack space, perhaps adding another bathroom to your home might be beneficial. But sometimes you just need to update an existing extra bathroom to ensure that it’s functional and modern. A few bathroom updates that might make sense with a growing family are double sinks, extra cabinet storage, or a bathtub.

You’re Renting a Room 

Renting out your extra bedroom can be a common practice for young, single homeowners. However, if you want to ensure your renter feels comfortable and is getting their money’s worth, updating their bathroom might be necessary. If you’re planning to update your extra bathroom for a renter, we recommend making sure it feels as private as possible.

You’re Planning to Sell Your House

As mentioned, the bathroom is an excellent way to add value to your home if you’re planning to sell in the near future—especially if you have multiple bathrooms that need updating. If you want to get the highest ROI, remodeling all of your outdated, drabby bathrooms (or at least the most used) is an excellent way to do so. Try opting for mid-range finishes and a fresh, modern look. 

Remodel Your Bathroom With Honey-Doers

Any home improvement project can be stressful and challenging. But with the right contractor, you’ll know you’re in good hands. The team at Honey-Doers is passionate about providing our clients with an end result they could have only dreamed of. From conception to completion, we’ll ensure you’re happy the whole way through. 

If you’re ready to complete a bathroom remodel or two, Honey-Doers is ready to help. We’ll evaluate your bathrooms with you while listening to your wants and needs to ensure you’re left with a timeless, fresh result. The knowledgeable team at Honey-Doers will work with you to maximize your space and provide you a clean, modern design, all within your budget! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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