5 Major Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom

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Reasons to complete a Remodel of your Bathroom
Bathrooms are no longer places just for showering, getting ready or going about your daily rituals – they have become places of refuge and relaxation, somewhere you can go and kick back after a long, stressful day.

Despite this change, many homeowners are reluctant to invest in remodeling their bathrooms. They think that it will be an expensive and cumbersome process, and that the results won’t be worth putting in so much effort. However, if you work with a set of experienced and knowledgeable professionals on your remodeling project – you’re likely to receive a well-thought-out plan that considers your budget, preferences, timeline, and other factors to ensure that the entire remodeling process goes off without any hassles.

Read on to find out why we think you should dive into remodeling your bathroom.

Your Bathroom needs a Refresh

Maybe your bathroom’s style was considered fashionable once upon a time, but now those outdated color palettes and discolored cabinets look completely out of place. Whether you get a few basic upgrades or completely renovate the bathroom, updating the style and adding more functional upgrades will help you feel better about this space.

Help save your hard-earned money

Bring your bathroom into the modern era, and install more efficient fixtures. Improving these aspects of your bathroom can result in better lighting, less water wastage, better air circulation, and elimination of mold and dampness.

Fix up damage

Over time, all bathrooms experience different levels of damage. Damage from anything from leaks to mold can creep in and increase over time. In such cases, it’s better to remodel sooner rather than later to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Adapt your bathroom according to your changing needs

Maybe when you bought this house, it was just you and your spouse but now you’ve got tiny tots running around and need more space. Or maybe you plan to live in this house for many years and need to improve the safety of different fixtures. Whatever the case may be, improving the safety and accessibility within your bathroom is usually a good idea. You can consider installing handrails, shower seats, a zero-threshold shower and many other fixtures as per your needs

Increase your property’s value

Well-designed bathrooms can significantly increase your home’s value. And also convince potential buyers to buy. According to Consumer Reports, freshening up your bathroom with simple upgrades can potentially increase returns by 2-3%. Additionally, 42% of the real estate professionals they surveyed said that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and should be in good shape.
These are some of the major reasons for remodeling a bathroom. If you think it’s the right time to remodel your bathroom, our team of experts would be happy to help. Contact Honey-Doers and let’s discuss to remodeling your bathroom!

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